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Writing for the web is frequently described as all related to keywords. Keywords are implemented into your content so that the search engines can find the information you are writing about. Many times when you are hired by clients to write content, they will request their content written with keywords or phrases specific for subject matter they have chosen for articles. The best way to get content noticed is instilling SEO content article writing with the material you produce.

There is an effective way to write effective SEO content. Following these guidelines can help you make the most of your keywords and get them throughout the article to be the most effective for writing SEO content.

·         Title
Your keyword should be found in the title. Although you are writing for the search engines to locate the article, if your keyword phrase doesn’t sound great in the title the human reader will not read it whether or not the search engine located it.

For example, you may have a client requesting a keyword phrase of “cars 1988”, written in this same format.  This cannot be written without another word between these two words to read great. Remember, humans and not search engines will be reading your articles and judging your content.

You may need to negotiate this item with the client. The keyword phrase will be located in the title, but their title needs to sound great to get readers.

·         Body of the article
The body of your article can use the keyword or keyword phrase. Typically using the keyword once every 100 to 150 words is sufficient for search engines and making the most of SEO content article writing.

A great rule of thumb is the first paragraph and the last paragraph is where to place your keywords or keyword phrases. Anywhere else in the body is fine for meeting the 100-150 word guidelines.

·         Images
If you are using images in your article be sure and add an image alt text tag and add your keyword or keyword phrase.

·         Post tag
Anywhere from two to five keyword tags are sufficient for any article. If you have an extremely short article, less than 300 words, you can use two and get the job done.

These tips are wonderful for writing that SEO content article and getting your keywords and phrases in the article enough to allow the search engines to find your content.

Making SEO Work for You is a great article on using SEO for writing great articles that drive traffic.


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