Websites for Writing Freelance Product Reviews

Writing product reviews is a great source of freelancer income. Product review writing is easy to perform and doesn’t take a lot of skill or know how. I have several posts related to writing product reviews and wanted to add some additional useful information. Specifically I wanted to share with freelance writers where they can write their reviews. If you are able to write great articles you can usually bring those same skills into the creation of great product and service reviews.

When considering product review writing review several different sites found around the web and try and match your skills and writing to one that works best for you. Different sites provide an enormous variety in what types of reviews, what formats and what products or services are being reviewed.

This is a short list of some popular product review sites. The earnings that you can make will vary from site to site. Make certain you understand the requirements for each review site for submitting your review material and payment for your freelance writing product review efforts.

Sharedreviews-this is a wonderful site that has reviews of nearly any product imaginable. You can review the latest air freshener purchased to your lazy boy recliner. Writing reviews on products you use and have around the house and make money from it is an excellent way to bring in additional income as a freelance writer.

Reviewstream-this site permits users to write about anything they like. Topics include digital cameras, movies, food and a wide range of other products and services.

Review Centre-these are all consumer reviews. Reviewcentre offers some of the best reviews found on the web today.

Schvoong-the name is different and the reviews are limited to published books and academic articles. If you enjoy reading books and have a repitoire of academic articles under your belt you will do well writing reviews for Schvoong.

ConsumerReviews-powered by Several freelance writers have advised that producing reviews for this site can be slightly confusing. Other freelancers have found success. Review their information and requirements to determine if this is a good fit for you.

Consumersearch-consumer search is typically looking for writers with flexibility and diversity. They have reviews from banks to cars to toasters. Compensation varies depending upon how complex the review is and how much investment writers have to make in the review process for a service or product.

There are other websites available around the web looking for freelance writers to format reviews. If you have written reviews as a freelance writer and would like to share your experience, please leave us a comment.

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