Make Your Articles Perform Better as a Freelance Writer

As a writer there are many times when you feel your articles or material should be performing better than you are actually seeing. When you have content that you know should be performing better there are some things you can do to make certain that is exactly what takes place.

Of course, the quality of your articles as a freelance writer is always a question. If you have resolved that issue and know your quality is at the level you want it to be there are other things that should be evaluated and done to help those articles that can make your bread and butter perform better. Better performance equates to more reads and a larger audience and eventually more money when you earn revenue with views of your article content.

Review, reread and if needed revise subject matter to perfect it and make it perform better.
Do you have readers that are struggling or sailing through your article content? This is a big issue, but it doesn’t have to be. A reader would enjoy sailing through your subject matter instead of struggling through it.

A terrific thing to do that most freelance writers don’t is revisiting older content they have written. Most writers do proof read their content while building it. Diligent freelance writers and editors will also do a read over after they have completed an article. However, there are times when even a third perusal of that same substance is worth the trouble. This is coming back to the information when reviewing what is and is not receiving readers or traffic. For those articles you know are quality and not receiving traffic you may have readers struggling instead of sailing.

Review and reread your articles that you haven’t looked at for a while. Reviewing and rereading with a fresh pair of eyes is always useful. Whether you use your fresh eyes or the eyes of a third party which could be a friend or a family member that can provide you with honest feedback getting a new look at old content is beneficial.

As a freelance writer you change and grow. You learn new things, read innovative things and discover fresh things. Along with improving your writing and expanding your knowledge base on different subjects can help you make these same changes to your articles.

Revision of content can pick up more traffic and more earnings. This may be an approach that will make a more positive impact for you as a freelance writer and make your articles perform better.

Things that will improve an article; correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes accidentally made and make certain punctuation are error free. Are you sentences too long or paragraphs too large? Would it look and read better with subheadings? If any of these things could improve your information, make changes and watch your articles perform better.

Consider revising any sentences or paragraphs that could read better and more your thoughts clearer for the reader. Keep it simple. The exception to keeping it simple is when you are writing for a specific audience that understands content at a higher level.

A great way to change the look and feel of an article is reviewing one of your success stories. Take an article that you are receiving a lot of reads or are ranking high in search engines and format a revision to mimic that one.

Updates to topics to make them fresh and current is a great way to make changes that can make a difference in the amount of readers you receive. For example, if you originally wrote an article on the Republican Tea Party and their members and they have recently added members or members have left, change the contents of your article to renew this information.

Many writers will not want to move forward with these suggestions because the task at hand can seem very daunting. However, make changes manageable by altering information a small amount at a time. If you happen to belong to several article content sites or places on the web where the more page views is the more money that you can make you can update one site at a time. There are several ways to break down a large project to make it more manageable. Consider reading, reviewing and revising ten articles per week until all of your articles have been updated to perform better.

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