Use Article Directories to Promote Your Freelance Writing

What is an article directory?
Article directories accept articles on a variety of topics. They accept these articles for publication on other sites. Before article directories there were link directories. Article directories are a step up because they provide you with content and not just a link to another source.  Article directories are organized by category and include an author box or author bio box. 

With the author box an author can include a link or two, depending upon the directory and what their guidelines are for an author box or bio. The authors are generally not paid for their submissions. However, there is a quality check for the information submitted to the directory.
Many directories will accept previously published content. However, the author must have the rights to publish that article. Generally a directory will search for that content to make certain it wasn’t previously published under another articles name.

What is the advantage of writing for an article directory?
Links that are in the author bio or box are great for SEO and linking back to other content

Articles can be used for your KW or KW phrases-this is useful for those writers that also have sites or blogs

Almost all article directories allow you to select your anchor text and include relevant KW for links in your author box

If you are using article directories for marketing purposes, you are able to promote your products and services without a specific mention of the product or service. After promoting the product direct traffic to your blog through the bio box

Writing a lot of articles will get people to identify you as an expert in your field or niche

You can rewrite articles to have them promoted at different sites.

Building more and more backlinks when you submit more articles for different directories

Building a library of information published at different places on the web

Article directories can benefit you as an author in a number of ways. These are the advantages of promoting your articles in article directories. However, if you want to take your writing in a different direction, article directories may not be for you or a good fit for your career.

Article directories can help some freelance writers depending on what you are hoping to accomplish as an author.  Submitting your content and having it recognized and identified for blogs, websites and other sources of publication can be great for your freelancer career if this is what you are hoping to accomplish with your writing. Getting your writing out on the web can be achieved using an article directory.

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