Thoughts for the New Year; Resolutions

It’s a new year with everything fresh and ready to go. The month of January feels the same for everyone. It is a time for mindsets full of renewal and more than anything revival. Take a deep breath and step forward into the next phrase of a wonderful career as a freelance writer.

This is generally when people want to start making those “resolutions”.  Tons of writers have resolutions foremost in their mind on December 31st and are ready to rock and roll into them on January 1st. If you would like to move forward and accomplish some new and different things with your professional career in 2014, by all means do so. However, move with a plan of action to result in a positive outcome which may not include a resolution.

Resolutions are life changing promises we make to ourselves of what to do in the upcoming year. Try to avoid connecting any resolutions to your writing. Too many times these are promises which are out of reach, never met and result in disappointments. All of this is easily avoided and unnecessary by taking a different step.

Take a moment to reevaluate what you really would like to accomplish and revise the list into a set of smaller goals. Put forth your own unique goals and meet them with hard work and perseverance. Avoid tying them to resolutions.

Now is the time to work with tremendous effort and investment in the most important thing connected to your freelance writing, you. You are the principal implement needed to get the work done. Therefore, get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and keep your eye on the prize. Everyone has an idea of what their unique prize will be. For the most part it is professional success.

Put a smile on your face and a skip in your step when considering your profession for the next 12 months. There are some things you certainly are capable of doing to make this happen. This is a blog dedicated to helping you develop your own plan of action or road map to victory. Whether you are editing, writing your first Ebook, proofreading or article writing. Maybe you have a paper book in mind. All of these things and more are going to be touched on in the WriteStuffPenandPaper.
Follow suggestions, relevant information, educational material as well as techniques in our blog posts for help along the way. All of these are designed to improve your writing and make it better for the New Year.

With a new year upon us, start it out right with a new and wonderful attitude on what you will accomplish in the upcoming months. Realize you will achieve whatever you put your mind to.