Writing Short Story Fiction Endings

Short story writing is a difficult task for a lot of freelance writers. This is a genre that a lot of writers are unable to find a comfort level. Traditional fiction writing is not the same as creating this format. The ending for this material is an important factor in getting thumbs up or thumbs down from a lot of editors looking to publish material. Writing a satisfactory conclusion to a short story is extremely important. These are several tips to use for writing better short story endings.

Any writer is able to produce a piece of flash fiction or short story with a beginning, middle and end. However, simply putting this info together doesn’t mean it can make the cut. Lots of editors remark the completion of the flash fiction pieces need to end well for perfection.

The package will need a conclusion that promotes readers to want more. You do not necessarily need a happy finalization, but avoid a feeling of emptiness or disappointment from a reader. Surprise endings are ideal for flash fiction. Though, there are ways to create a conclusion that hits a mark without a surprise.

A great way to wind-up to a flash fiction piece is to prepare a story for a twist. Focus on a topic and tease the reader with a different finale than they were expecting. A surprise with a payoff works well for these types of written work. In order to work this out, organize a story with two points of opposition where a reader can believe that one thing is happening and the end reveals something other than they expected to occur.

Several examples of twisting a story;

A character that you expected was an enemy was actually a friend

A character is a ghost, but doesn’t know he is (remember the movie version of this one?)

A superhero is actually a normal person without any unique powers

These types of flash fiction twists will catch a reader where you want them. The finale is exceptionally important to reveal the twist they didn’t see coming. An ending that is memorable is certain to put you in their realm of writers to follow.

Writing an ending for a short story is difficult for some. However, this is valuable information to assist any writer interested in flash fiction and how to write better.

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