Freelance Writing Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is the latest phenomenon related to freelance writing. This particular type of creation is the ability to fashion short or mini creations of a fiction story with a very small amount of words. Imagine attempting to write a fiction story that is less than 200 characters. The length of a tweet is difficult to place a work of fiction into. This is the flash fiction experience.

Most freelancers are accustomed to sites asking for thousands of words for stories.  In spite of this, a number of sites are asking for it and writers that are capable discover a number of them willing to pay for it. Resources are found with a search engine hunt for short short writer story websites.

With the world of technology changing it should be no surprise that these mini works of creation are coming into the limelight. Flash fiction writing is really taking off because of several changes going on in the online world. Smartphones are the largest influence for this type of online content.

Smartphones have an influence

Smartphones are being used to access web material and subject matter for nearly seven out of every ten internet users. This is a platform that has a small screen and is generally used on the go. They have time constraints along with smaller viewing areas. This promotes the need for flash fiction stories.

Sites that need the content

Flash fiction is being identified by sites such as Amazon, Lulu and Smash Words. This group has actually created room for readers which have extremely limited time for reading. This audience wants and needs short stories of fiction. They are focusing on content of 200 words during their daily commute or small amount of time spent on written material.

Five Top Stories

This electronic publisher specializes in producing flash fiction story writing. They are always searching for new writing talent. This particular site holds monthly competitions for writers around the globe to showcase their work and earn money.

The inspiration behind the site is from the UK. Writer Ruth Heald created Five Short Stories almost 3 years ago and the response from writers and readers alike has been astounding.

One of the best things about Five Top Stories is new writers are being uncovered and spotlighted continually. Talented writers are featured on mobile apps and kindle books working with Five Top Stories. The work is downloaded from sites like Amazon as an eBook. Even ITunes stores have them available for readers with an interest.

Short stories don’t necessarily have to be extremely short with a 200 word limit. In fact, the site will accept fiction writing up to 3000 words.

Points of consideration

A number of short story fiction sites will have writing competitions. If you enter these remember these points of consideration

a)      Always follow the directions. If the writing site is asking for less than 1000 words for the competition do not send in 1003, send in 999 words of material.

b)      Sites that request an email of a manuscript should have the written material submitted as an attachment. Only include the material in t eh body of an email if the instructions require this format.

c)       Some will ask for a hardcopy of work. This is unusual, but several of these do exist. Submit a hardcopy as requested. This is not an email copy. Follow the instructions for the competition to assure your entry is valid.

Sites to connect with

These are several sites around the web that have competitions for short story writing if you this type of creation appeals to you.

The new writer’s prizes page is a site which promotes short fiction stories from writers

This particular site prides itself in promoting new writers through literary excellence with a competitive writing structure

Consider flash fiction in your next professional writing career step. Although this is new to the world of writing it seems like a platform that will continue to emerge and grow.
a brief instructional video on how to write flash fiction