Textbroker for Freelance Writer Work

Textbroker is a freelance writer platform that permits writers to earn income creating original quality content based on request from clients that need writers. Textbroker is a middle man that brings clients and writers together. Textbroker is growing substantially and freelance writers searching for ways to make more money online should investigate whether or not this is a source of online income that could potentially be financial useful. Is Textbroker worth investing precious freelance writing time.

Textbroker has been around for almost 5 years with over 50,000 client accounts and close to 2 million orders completed to date. The online writing site has recently communicated to current members signed up with their writing platform that clients are seeking more and more authors to meet the writing demands or orders being placed with the site. Google’s panda update performed earlier this year was a real boost to a lot of high quality articles found on the Textbroker website which in turn increased their page rank with the search engine.

Google has integrated their latest update a few months ago called Penguin. Penguin has two chief elements as part of the new algorithm for search engine optimization. Rankings for a keyword include links to a page of content along with content found on a page.

Links from a third party site really boosted a lot of pages of Textbroker material. This was because Penguin looked for third party links versus links added by a site owner. In other words, links placed by a site owner ranked material lower because these are generally placed by owners without regard for who was actually reading the content. After extensive research Google determined that many site owners simply added links to increase page rank in search engines. Many of these sites were actually penalized for not having enough third party site links where sites like Textbroker benefited.

One of the increases in writing material that Textbroker has seen is full service clients ordering larger word content documents or a longer article which means more money per article for lots of their freelance writers. This is a change from the site historically receiving smaller size documents ordered which accounted for less money per article created. Along with receiving larger word count pages of content, these same customers want higher quality docs. For freelance writers that have high quality material to deliver creating a longer document is not much of a stretch.

If you haven’t been to visit the Textbroker site in a while, you may want to. If you aren’t a current member and are interested in earning some money as a writer look into Textbroker as a resource for online income and if you haven’t visited the site in some time, check them out with the changes that they have seen with the Panda and Penguin update. Things have changed and the site may have more to offer you at this time.   
this is a wonderful video which details getting started with Textbroker for finding online writing gigs
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