Best Topics for Freelance Writers

Writers are always searching for topics to write about. This is especially true when ideas are needed for making more money with passive writing income around the web. Finding the right topic to base an article or series of articles on can be a piece of work within itself. With this in mind it is nice to know the best topics for freelance writer articles.

When deciding what to write about keep some important information in mind. There are some topics that a writer is always safe writing about, while others should be avoided at all costs for a number of reasons.

Children related articles

Children related topics are always a great place to put work in. Parents search for additional information about kids online all of the time. They are always hunting for pertinent content related to something about a child. Whether they are looking for ways to teach a two year old to read or if high school students need more sleep, parents want more info about their children. Providing more child related articles to parents seeking relevant writing content is one of the best topics for freelance writer articles.

New parents are some of the worst culprits when it comes to looking around the web to find matters connected to a child. They will seek out substance that touches on pregnancy as well as text connected to newborns. The questions and issues they bring to the table could keep a writer busy for months and years to come. Writing for children subjects is one of the best topics around for writer themes and article ideas.


Travel writers are one of the most sought after freelance writers on the web today. Whenever someone is traveling they want more info about it. This includes traveling in general such as what form of transportation to use to get to places they are going and everything else around and in between.

Formerly, before the wide use of the web for travel related topics, word of mouth was used more than anything. Finding out what museums where excellent for site seeing and nearly everything else vacation industry associated was done via speaking with a traveler that had actually been to a place.

Personal experience will come from one viewpoint with a lot of the info delivered when speaking with a fellow traveler. This can make decision making difficult. Are common interests shared with both travelers? If not, a missed opportunity to enjoy a site or planned entertainment could take place. What if a fellow traveler will only share the bad part of a tourism experience? Finding pertinent and related info to travel online is wonderful. Travel writing is a missed resource of great passive income for a number of great writers.

Currently with the amount of online articles surrounding everything travel any 21st century traveler can use the internet for related info on anyplace. One of the nicest things about a lot of the content on the web about travel is that it is not slanted one way or another. A reader can make informed decisions about a vacation or tourism encounter. Numerous travel writing authors produce articles that are both informative and wonderful resources for any area on the map. This is what makes travel one of best topics for freelance writer articles.

Technical writing

Technical writing and how to articles are also popular and safe subject matter for a variety of readers. Readers will search for directions they have lost to an item of merchandise or even seek out how to do something they have done before, but may need a refresher course to complete again. Technical writers are fashioning lots of wonderful writing work for online audiences. There are a number of keywords and phrases that can be used a multitude of different ways to make technical writing an enormous field of ideas, concepts and themes.

Technical writing stretches across a broad area of themes and topics. Generally a writer will need to do research to complete a lot of articles. The extra effort can certainly be worth it if the subject is popular and keywords will receive a lot of hits. Imagine that one article on the right subject could go viral and earn a writer excellent income, both real and passive, for a number of years based on only a couple of hours of research invested. Technical writing is one of the best topics for freelance articles.

Subjects to always stay away from

Anything questionable should always be avoided. Stay away from topics such as gambling or adult themes. This does not mean a political theme or religious article should never be written. Remember a “G” rated article always works. Form subjects that are argumentative into articles that inform and educate. Hard questions and matters are addressed and sought after by online readers as much as the next item of interest. By all means, write about these things while keeping matters away from definite no-no’s that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.

There are a number of writers that have clients that only request these particular hard to discuss or off limit matters. If a writer doesn’t have any reservations working with them, please do so. However, remember that any future clients that Google a byline will come across this work. If you feel uncomfortable with this concept, stay away from these client requests.

In order to test whether a topic should be passed up or avoided, keep in mind if you have to stop and wonder if a topic should be avoided, steer clear of it. Not only will some content of questionable matter hurt credibility or the character of a writer, it is nearly always displayed with ads that a writer wants to keep away from as well. For instance, adult content for an article will have ads related to adult content. Since there is little if no control over countless ads that are displayed with a piece of online content, avoid the article or subject matter altogether to stay safe. Additionally, many writing platforms have guidelines that indicate these subjects are not deemed acceptable for their site.

Avoid duplicate article content

Duplicate content should not be written for the web. This was formerly okay, but with changes made to the giant Google search engine algorithm duplicate content will hurt a writer. Make all content unique and original to find great topics for freelance writers.

Duplicate content is okay for a lot of writing platforms. Generally these are writing sites that tolerate an article displayed on a site first and another site secondary or the reverse. However, writers that choose to do so will find a ding from search engines. This is reflected in losing page rank and search engine optimization opportunities. There are times when a search engine cannot determine which article was posted first which means the juice from a quality article is lost on both the original and the duplicate article.

Taking a theme, idea or subject matter and writing several different original articles on the same premise is okay. This is a much better idea all around. There are times when wonderful keywords and article marketing can make all of the articles work wonderfully in a writers favor. Additionally, great back linking opportunities can be had by writing around a given idea or innovation.

In conclusion

There are a number of article topics that should be avoided at all costs. These are ideas or themes that many people find questionable, worrisome or upsetting. Make certain that all articles are created with a “G”rating in mind. This means that anyone from any background at any time can enjoy a piece of work. This in mind helps a writer to make a safe decision about the best topics for freelance writer articles.

Write articles or blog posts based on the best content possible to reap the rewards of great page rank, more readers and increased online income as a freelance writer. This is an outline of the best topics freelance articles should be based on. Be clear about what subject matter writers should and should not write about to get the most out of a writing career.

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