The Correct Way to Use Keywords in Great Articles

Have you ever read an article and thought how great it might have been if the writer had elected not to insert keywords after the fact? This means the articles was written and then keywords were inserted here and there which made the entire piece of content worthless? What might have been a great read was effectively turned into hash because they didn’t know the correct way to use keywords in great articles? Great articles are actually written with the correct way to use keywords in mind.

Avoid Overusing the Keyword in Headings

This particular tactic is one that search engines don’t like so much anymore. There was a time when keywords could be used in a piece of material where 10 subheadings where present and no one was the wiser when it came to SEO. This is not the same beast as it once was. Though, keywords can be useful in headings and should be used in a lot of situations, avoid saturating an article or post with keywords used in heading or subheadings.

Grammatically Incorrect Keywords Should be avoided

Have you ever had the pleasure of reading an article where the keyword used was grammatically incorrect? Why use bad grammar as a writer?  Take the time to use good grammar, even with keywords and keep your expertise, reputation and quality as a writer intact. Avoid using bad grammar in your writing overall.

Remember, most freelance writers are making money online with readers for their material. The more reads you have for a piece of content the more money. Back links are also generally used. If a reader believes you are dense or dumb they will avoid reading a piece of your work and linking to more. Although a piece of work with bad grammar may get the reader, will your reputation as a freelance writer survive grammatically incorrect keyword use?

Quality Content Doesn’t Call Attention to Keywords

Wonderful quality content is created when a writer is demonstrating the correct way to use keywords in articles by actually writing relevant material and not calling attention to keywords. Using quotation marks is generally disruptive to a reader and stands out that the keyword was probably inserted after the fact.

When a writer is editing their work there may be times when a keyword can be inserted here and there that will not disrupt the flow of an article. When considering inserting a keyword or keyword phrase, do so by adding a sentence or a paragraph to go along with it. This makes the reading smoother overall and more natural.

These are several ways that fantastic writers keep readers and work at the correct way to use keywords in their articles. Correct keyword use can make or even break some of the feedback a writer may receive about a piece of work.  Get good keywords and use search engine optimization when writing material, but avoid incorrectly using keywords that can drive away focused traffic searching for great pieces of work and which in the end help freelance writers make money online.
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  1. Nice article as usual! You have a bigger fan base on your blog than I have on my 150 websites. However, one film website produced 106,000 views in the past two months. I get major comments, so I eventually let the readers converse between one another.

    I believe writing innovative content will land you quality traffic. For example, capturing a hot niche that many freelancers haven't covered yet will produce quality traffic. It is easy to get ranked in niches that are on the verge of becoming popular.

    Next, don't overuse keywords. Keep them down to a minimum of 3-5 times in one order (i.e. movies about vampires and vampire movies are different usage). Write naturally to avoid inserting keywords. Freestyle writing on a topic you know best is effective. Don't over think SEO.

    I can't stress enough the importance of great domain names. The greater keyword frequency, the better chance you have in getting ranked high in the category. A catchy title, a good blog or website name, and taglines, headlines, body content, a site tags and labels will land you the hits.

    I always use the best possible domain. These keywords are searched more than 1,000+ times per month. It is likely people will reach your website, especially if you contribute quality articles that communicate to your readers.

    Lastly, good freelance writer understand how to incorporate keywords while keeping consistency in their writing execution and voice.

    Great article! Enjoy seeing your new published articles in my dashboard. Thanks again.


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