Best Way to Increase Clicks To Your Links on Facebook

You can use your Facebook page to promote your content all over the web by increasing your Facebook fans. Growing your fans will construct a fan page full of visitors waiting to be directed to your content through back links. This is a terrific idea and medium to get your content recognized and read to increase your freelance writing income. Facebook as a traffic source is an easy idea to implement for increased traffic and making more money online as a freelance writer.

The issue that most freelance writers face after they have built a fan page and added links is getting these fans to click on those links. Increasing clicks to your links on Facebook is easier than most people think.

In order to make the most of this platform for your writing there is a simple technique to use to make certain that people are recognizing your page or “liking” it and clicking on links you have created on your Facebook page. In order to ensure that these two actions are achieved check out this easy method of changing a link from unnoticed to clickable.

Use photos and images

Instead of using links try using photos or images to entice visitors to your content. If you use a relevant photo for your content you will increase the visual appeal and attraction as well as draw more readers to online content. The more attractive and enticing your image the more apt readers will click on it.

Write a short summary

Include a short summary of the content tied to the photo that outlines the related website or article to draw the reader in. Make certain that your summary leaves the reader wanting to read more, learn more or see more. This will make them want to click on your back link to get more of what you have wet their whistle with leaving a reader wanting more of what your writing has to give.

This is one of the best ways to increase clicks to your links on Facebook. It compels readers to recognize and click on back links to increase page views and your freelance writing income. This technique works for several different reasons.

1)      People that are surfing the web will look at photos before they read an article. Getting a reader to click on an image after reading a brief summary of your article is much more likely than having them read an entire article of content or simply seeing a title and clicking on a link. These images should be larger than they normally would be for an article which will make them stand out even more for someone browsing your page.

2)      Posting a regular link to Facebook makes your link have an expiration date. The link is displayed only for the length of time that it is in a person’s timeline. However, when a link is tied to an image on a Facebook page the link will remain for an indefinite amount of time. A back link on Facebook has no expiration date through this method.

3)      A reader can click on your image and click on next which takes them through your old links as well as new links posted. Old back links will get more traffic with images connected and permitting your readers to click through next.

4)      Use Facebook member’s newsfeed and ticker to promote traffic for your content. The newsfeeds will generally indicate information such as “Tim has liked (your name)’s photo”. This will appear rather than a link for content on a newsfeed. Therefore, that photo information in a newsfeed will have your link willing and ready to go. With the Ticker there are some Facebook members that follow a person and their Facebook page and will stumble on your photos which they are more likely to view and click rather than a regular back link.

5)      Images are great for the promotion of your links because if you want to change your photo summary of your content you can make changes without losing any of your likes. If you have your likes tied to a regular back link this is not possible. Changing or editing your links will lose your Facebook “likes”.

This is the best way to increase clicks to your links on Facebook. It’s easy, simple and can be fun. The most popular articles and websites on the web are those that have great images tied to the content. The same is true for those back links on Facebook that are simply waiting for your readers to click on.

If you have already built a Facebook fan page you are more than halfway there to seeing an enormous increase in your page views and readers to all of your great content waiting to be recognized.



  1. Awesome and fantastic post pick up again...!! We need to make certain that our summary leaves the reader wanting to read more, learn more or see more. We need to using photos or images to entire visitors for facebook friend increase. Thanks for this post.

  2. thank you lucy for the feedback. it is always appreciated here at thewritestuffpenandpaper. photos and images are one of the easiest ways to attract the attention that we want and need to increase income.

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