How to Become a Great Freelance Travel Writer

Good travel writing starts with the basics. The basics of any great writing are quality relevant information conveyed to readers through terrific content and material. The same basics for all freelance writing apply to travel writing as well other genres. There are several ways to become a great freelance travel writer.

Great travel writers aren’t born. A great travel writer is made just like any other niche writer. There are several things that can make a freelance writer one of the best travel writers around the web today. One of the best ways to start is expanding your knowledge around travel journalism and redefining what is a travel writer. Learn to be a writer for travel journalism and make a great career for freelance writing.

What is a travel writer?

Lots of freelance writers have narrowed their definition of a travel writer. Freelance travel writing jobs incorporate more than simply a narrow definition of travel journalism. Travel journalism jobs are more than reviews of destination spots, vacation exposes, guide books and excerpts for travel magazines. Freelance writers interested in travel writing should redefine what travel journalism jobs are comprised of.

There was once a time when a travel writer was identified as the epitome of freelance writers. These were writers receiving free trips to faraway beautiful vacation spots and writing about how great the experience was. Getting paid to take a first-rate vacation sounds wonderful.

A writer that didn’t have an enormous portfolio of credits published to their name with visits to faraway countries in addition to a network of contacts was out of luck to locate travel writing jobs. Any writer unlucky enough to miss out on being published in a travel magazine was out of luck to find travel writing gigs. This is not the case anymore. The future is bright for today’s travel writers.

Travel writer blogs

Blogging is a resource that a number of writers use for nearly any genre, including travel. Hundreds and thousands of writers maintain blogs. They created wonderful quality work in posts to blog platforms. Blogs deliver all sorts of travel resources. Writers can blog about travel they have experienced personally, places they want to travel, places that others have been, the best places to travel or even where not to travel. How about the best cities to live and work in abroad?

Posting terrific quality relevant content around the web on blogs have connected a number of freelance writers with remarkable freelance writing gigs that include book deals,  free offers of travel or even magazine print opportunities.

Every writer may not get rich from travel blogging, but you can certainly make a decent living if you are a great freelance travel writer with a blog.

Social networking

Social networking is never to be overlooked for any genre, including travel writing. Connecting with others that share the same online interests will help a writer overturn a lot of rocks they failed to look under for travel writing income.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter permit freelance travel writers to link up and share information related to travel writer grants, travel writing examples along with general information and lots of other material necessary to make better travel writers.

Not only will social networks connect writers with other writers, but it can also share travel writing with readers and editors with an interest in travel journalism. These are links which can expand a travel writing career in more ways than one.

Where does inspiration come from?

Believe it or not travel writing doesn’t necessarily mean going somewhere exotic. Fun in the sun is wonderful. Though, most work from home freelance writers with expertise in travel never has the opportunity to go to Bora Bora.

It’s possible that a travel writer only relates info from the County Fair or the various farmers’ markets visited during the summer months. Find inspiration from all sorts of places and redefine the historical definition of travel.

Inspiration can strike when and where you least expect it. Imagine travel as really any time you move. Whether you have a weekend getaway to a local resort or a family reunion, any location is travelling for someone. Any place is someplace that someone will be interested in hearing about. As a travel writer remember that its quality relevant information being delivered which adds to a reader’s experience that can make the difference.


Reading is how good writers get better. Reading expands knowledge, expertise and ability. Whether a writer reads information online or off, gaining more education on any subject is useful. The more you read and write the better writer you will become.

Knowing what to read helps with choosing something that will be beneficial to your travel writing. Take in travel magazines, books and any source of travel information. Travel writers are reading to understand what readers are identifying as popular, what other terrific veteran travel writers are sharing with their content plus finding ways to immolate ideas and innovation with your own travel writing.

In conclusion

Travel writing is more than numerous writers believe. Redefine your idea of travel writing to become a great freelance travel writer. Networking shares resources, will find readers and connection you with other travel writing journalists that help a writing career. Read more to gain more to share in our writing. Find inspiration wherever you can to become a great freelance travel writer.
brief discussion from an actual freelance travel writer. He shares some finer points of the job


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