Bad Freelance Writing Habits to Break

Everyone has one bad habit. Some of us have more than one. Bad habits can be identified and worked on. In many cases you can eliminate bad habits with a little work. How about with your writing? Do you have bad habits that need to stop? Bad habits are something that can get in the way of your great writing. Break those habits as soon as possible and start to create more great content.

Writers that have bad writing habits usually know what they are. These habits are actions or things you do, mostly unconsciously, that impede your writing. It gets in the way of writing better and it also reduces the enjoyment that a reader gets from your writing. Eventually your income is negatively affected.

Writers that want to have a better freelance writing career will put an emphasis on bad writing habits they have and try and correct them. Part of evolving and becoming a better writer is to concentrate on these and kick them out of the door. These are some bad writing habits to avoid that can hamper your freelance writing career. Some can even cost you online freelance writing jobs.

Procrastination-this is the worse. If you are a procrastinator you have to continually work on this bad writing habit. Not finishing a project or assignment for a client can cost you an online writing job. Imagine not meeting a deadline or delivering content as promised or outlined in a contract. Your credibility will be shot and income negatively affected by procrastinating.

Bad grammar habits-bad grammar habits are something that should be worked on immediately as a freelance writer. Education and information is essential. Editing is a must and more writing is desirable to overcome this puppy. Work on writing with bettergrammar for a more enjoyable experience for readers.

Not reading-writers must be readers. You need to read to expand your horizons and work on constructing new ideas, inspirations, and feelings and combine them all into more great content. Make the time to read. Read fiction, non-fiction, news and anything else you can get your hands on. Whether hard copy or on the web, reading is vital for a writer.

Using the same words or phrases over and over again-there are times when unconsciously we use the same words or phrases over and over again in our writing. Many of us don’t notice the issue until we edit or read our work. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different ways to say the same thing. If you find you use the same word or phrase way too much in your writing, break the habit. This bad writing habit is easily corrected. Editing is a good thing and should be used to find new words to say the same thing.

These are bad writing habits that can and should be broken. Make your writing better to enhance your freelance writing career and make your freelance writing career more successful.


  1. Always have admired freelancers; very hard to write on command. Probably reason I became a novelist instead .:)


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