Rewrite Original Articles to Find New Content to Publish

Lots of freelance writers have a huge amount of articles that can be found in their portfolio. even freelance writers that have been writing for a short amount of time can own an enormous amount of articles depending on how fast they are able to write and publish their work. Many of these articles are great content, ideas and original concepts. The content and subject matter for a lot of these articles can be used to write other extraordinary articles. Rewrite your original articles to find new content to publish.

Rewriting original articles to create new content is a concept that isn’t novel.  There are even clients that have a number of original articles that they will pay an article writing service or freelance writer to rewrite.

These are a number of ways freelance writers that rewrite original articles to find new content to publish satisfying;

·         The more a writer writes, the better they become. Therefore, rewriting some of the original content can produce better articles than the original articles

·         Rewriting original articles to find new content to publish can create more articles. Some writers will take several different bullet points to fashion several different articles from one original article

·         Rewriting an original article is great when writer’s block hits and new ideas are hard to come by. Take keywords or phrases used in the original article to create new articles with secondary keywords used with search engine optimization

·         There are ways you can find new or different viewpoints or outlooks from an old article to create a brand new article

·         Create new articles from the subheadings of points taken from an old article in a writer’s portfolio

·         Rewrite a number of your original articles together to compile an e-book or an informational e-product. As a freelance writer if you have enough of a similar subject matter you may even present as an expert and can build your credibility and even sell your product for a tidy sum to interested readers

·         If you have a website or blog and find related articles in your freelancer portfolio you can rewrite them and publish them to your site or blog

Freelance article writing can be extremely rewarding in more ways than one. Original articles
Rewriting published content can be beneficial to a freelance writer for a number of very good reasons.

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