Tips for Writing Great Articles From Nothing

Great articles are needed for your blog content in order to keep readers and also to attract new readers that will stay. You want one of your readers to enjoy the information on your blog enough to forward your article on to friends at Twitter or Facebook. Getting more traffic to your blog is your ultimate goal.Tips on writing great articles from nothing can help you achieve this. 

There are times when that one great article comes along and you are able to write it without hesitation or apprehension. These are usually few and far between. With a blog you have to make a dedication to your readers to post so many articles in so many days. Therefore, when you don’t have that WOW article as your fingers simply fly across the keys there are some general tips to keep those posts coming.

Get those WOW ideas from these few tips to get the brain juices flowing.

List of resources 
You can create your own list of ideas and content that you can go to when the going gets tough. These are ideas and resources that may come to you when working on other materials and jobs. Take a few moments to jot things down for times such as these. Your list may include websites or other blogs that you may have an interest in, an article that you saw that gave you an idea for another article of your own. An idea that you may be able to expand upon with your own thoughts and ideas.

Tools, devices and gadgets for your niche
For nearly each niche of writing there are new tools, devices or gadgets that are available consistently. Technology is advancing rapidly and with that advancement, you can introduce your audience to these new devices that have been created for them and other writers. Some are fun or even humorous. A little humor is always nice from time to time. A short blog article on providing information on these devices works for many readers and new visitors.

A list
Readers enjoy lists. For example, the top five publishing sites for freelance writing. The 8 best tools for writing from home, etc. Posts such as these are delightful and pleasing to readers and can create a lot of great articles from nothing.

Detailed tutorials or how to article
These are articles that explain steps to take to complete any task. You can provide instructions on anything that falls within your niche. Something as simple as adding your RSS feed can also have a detailed description on what a RSS feed is as well. This information can usually be built in the form of article. These types of articles can assist you with your blogging authority.

Deep Analysis on a Topic
Articles can be written on deep analysis of some topic in your niche. An interesting way to retain the interest of your readers is to write an article in more than one.

Get a Discussion Going

This information may be in your notes. These are questions or issues that may surround your industry that can get a colorful discussion started. Starting discussions are wonderful because you get readers to post and communicate with other and many new readers read discussions to determine if this is

Keep all of these in mind when you have a day when writing is becoming difficult for you. Don’t forget to keep your notes in a handy place for easy access.



  1. As you've noted, ideas are not always so easily forthcoming. You've offered some good tips and really, about all I could offer is to suggest that writers always keep in mind, no matter what it is, if you are about to write something, then you have an idea to develop. That means whether it is a comment on a blog post, a rebutall to an online article or what have you, you are developing an idea. Use it, run with it and just let if flow.

  2. you are correct paul. ditto that. i believe that writing is precisely that. taking thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. and putting them to paper. writers simply do it better.


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