Trade Magazines and the Freelance Writer

There are a number of writers that have an interest in writing for trade magazines. Trade magazine writing as an added benefit to your portfolio is not a bad thing. This is an area of expertise for any writer and can certainly benefit them. Many writers will stand back from writing for trade magazines for a number of different reasons. They will ask if they need to be an expert in a specific area, if they need to change their writing submitting to trade magazines versus submitting to other magazine platforms or if they need to be involved in a specific trade before submitting to a trade magazine. Actually writing for a trade magazine is easier than many writers think.

I have located another great author, Mark Lamendola, who has created a wonderful article outlining trade magazines and breaking into the field. He has detailed the ins and outs of the business, why writers don’t enter the field and how to get into the field. This is a link to his terrific article on the trade magazine business and is something that many writers will certainly find beneficial.  

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