Great Free Online Writing Courses Offered by Universities

Consider taking an online writing course. Whether you have been writing for some time or are new to the field consider an online writing course. Many writers have admitted that they find these courses extremely useful to enhance, polish or groom freelance writing skills. There are 10 Universities that are offering free online writing courses.

Time and money are needed in order to take formal writing courses that are offered by many Universities. However, there are a number of Universities that are offering free online writing courses for writers that may be interested.

Most of the free courses that are offered one the internet don’t lead to formal college credits. Though, they are indeed at that level of expertise. The free online writing courses are identical to the same courses college students take and pay for. The free online college classes that are provided by Education Portal Academy do lead to a college credit.

For writers that have an interest in free online writing classes or courses that lead to college credit with Education Portal Academy require students to;

·         Watch a video
·         Take the free quizzes that are offered
·         Pass an exam to earn real college credit

This is the free course list offered from Education Portal Academy.

List of Universities offering free online writing courses

The 10 Universities that are offering free online writing courses include; Massachusetts Institute of Technology(, University of Massachusetts Boston (, Utah State University (, University of Utah(, Open University (, Purdue University (, Steven Barnes UCLA Writing Course (, E-Zine University (, News University ( and Wikiversity (

The courses that are offered for free online writing by each University will differ. Some are providing poetry instruction, technicalwriting, narrative dialogue, ways to clean up your writing and screenwriting. Several of the courses that permit writers to polish their skills include subject matter like cleaning up your copy when writing news articles and critical reading and writing. Specific genres of writing are also available. You can locate courses for copy writing, news writing, technology writing, fictionwriting or writing short stories.

There are some free online writing classes that may be longer than others. One course in particular that writers may want to take not of is Quick Ways to Clean Up your Writing. This is described as a critique of your writing skills.

I have not personally taken any of these courses, but do plan on making use of the services at some time this New Year as part of my own personal writing plan of business.  

Earning College Credit for Free Online Courses
All of the free courses that are mentioned here will not award your college credit directly. There are several that do. However, for any that don’t specifically state that they do, you can still earn your college credits with taking any online classes. 

Students will need to pass a CLEP exam. The College Board’s 33 CLEP exams permit any student to take a test and receive a passing grade to earn the college credit. Credit is then accepted at 2 out of every 3 colleges and Universities across the country. 


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