A Freelance Writing Plan of Business

There are several sources of income that you can realize from marketing your articles. Many writers don’t realize the income potential that is available to them when it comes to creating content on the web and making a supply available for seeing dollars and cents.

Every new year create a writing plan of action or more precisely a writing plan of business. This is an outline of what you will do to monetize your freelance writing. The creation of your writing business plan should begin with a strategy. However, there are times when a little knowledge can help you in this regard. Knowing what you have available can certainly help you make more informed decisions and better choices about the sort of freelance writing business plan you create for making your writing work to increase the dollars in your wallet on any given day.

Writers will receive their income from a number of different reserves. Some of these have been outlined in depth here at The Write Stuff, while others have been merely touched upon. I have my favorites that influence the work I do. Though, there are other sources that are available for writers that have not been expanded upon very much. This is a brief overview of the different sources of income that a writer can realize from their content on the web that can be used to create your freelance writing plan of business for 2012.

Writing content sites
This is the passive income that I enjoy writing about and where a large number of writers see a lot of income. This happens to be a favorite of mine because it permits a writer to see a continual sense of income for their writing content and permits an income that is variable to see some sort of stabilization from month to month.

Income from writing content sites for the majority comes from AdSense. This can also be combined with Amazon, EBay, Chitika, Yahoo and other advertising revenue.

There is a number of writing content sites available that you choose to join and submit your content for posting. Depending on what you want to write and how much you want to earn is up to you. Make yourself familiar with what works to gain the ad impressions or page views necessary to see the dollars in your pocket from your freelance writing. This is the baseline for many writers when fashioning a freelance writing plan of business.

Personal clients for your work
This is the best source of income for a writer. You can find work with a client where you earn what you want when you want. You are paid immediately for your work without waiting for passive income to pay you for your work. You can make as much as you want because you are setting the fees or rates for your work. You can work when you want by taking or rejecting a client’s request to write.

The ideal source of work from clients is for a continual client where you have a steady source of income and not simply a one time job. Once you get one of these, don’t let go.
Personal client work can vary. You can ghost write, you can write blog post, you can write articles for Wikipedia-there are a vast number of different jobs that clients can request working with a freelance writer.

Personal clients are definitely on the wish list for a freelance writing business plan.

Writing sites that connect writers businesses that need article content to a freelance writer
There are several writing sites that act as a middle man to connect writers with businesses that have writing work that needs to be done. These are sites such as Freelancers.com that bring the writer and the client together. The sites that offer this service will charge a fee for the service. Therefore, be prepared to give up some dollars from each job or connection that you make to the site.

One of the benefits that many writers see from making the connection with the business that wants to hire a writer for content is networking to establish clients outside of the writing site that connected the two. This means after the job is performed there may be more work with the business as a personal client that permits a writer to earn without paying for the privilege of connecting with a client.

Job boards
Job boards are a necessary evil at times. There are a lot of writers that enjoy seeking out jobs from this resource and have earned a great income with positive results.  However, job boards also mean you are taking a chance with your work.

You are connecting with a client that you don’t necessarily know who is on the other end of the web posting. Will they pay you? Are they reliable? Writers have been “burned” in some situations by accepting employment from a job board. Make certain when you go with route that you get your payment for work completed.

When working with a site that connects you with a business or client they are guaranteeing the client will pay for the work. This is an assurance you don’t have working from job boards.

Additionally, you are bidding against other writers for the work and many times clients are seeking the lowest price possible. You may find work here, but be prepared to earn a much lower rate than most of the other resources mentioned.

Affiliate income
Affiliate income is great for many writers as part of their freelance writing plan of business. This is the act of promoting other peoples products for income. You write your articles for Amazon, EBay, Clickbank and the like. There are many writers that can realize a wonderful source of income from promoting affiliate work. Affiliate work is generally commission income.

Many writers will combine their affiliate work with other writing income. For an example, promote your affiliate writing by publishing the articles on a content writing site you belong to.

EBooks have taken off for writing revenue in recent years for a lot of freelance writers. You can write different sorts of eBooks that can do well for a number of reasons. Imagine writing a DIY eBook, fiction, non-fiction and other types that can realize an enormous income revenue stream if done correctly. There are several resources on writing and publishing eBooks here at The Write Stuff.

These are resources to use for earning your income this year. Where and when you employ them are up to you. What you hope to realize for your income is up to you and the sky is the limit. Put a plan of business into action for the upcoming year as a freelance writer. Having a plan in place will net much better results than winging it and seeing what tomorrow brings.