Paid Per Post versus Paid Per Click Pros and Cons

Is it better for as a freelance writer for the web to be paid per post or paid per click? There are a couple of article content sites that will pay you upfront for your content and then pay for every one thousand page views. However, these are few and far between. The majority of sites will pay per post or per click. Deciding which one is a better deal can sometimes be a difficult task as a freelance writer.

These are some pros and cons of each;

Pay per click pros and cons
·         How many articles do I need to write to earn a decent income?

This is a difficult question and can vary from site to site. There are thousands of article content writers that have earned over a million page views. This may have taken them several or one thousand articles. This may have happened in a matter of months or a matter of years. How many articles you may need to write to earn a decent income will vary depending upon a variety of factors. A general rule is the writers that brag they are earning hundreds of dollars each month have hundreds of articles. Many writers are earning thousands of dollars each month with great content. Some writers may have 500-600 articles on a site and only earn $30 on average each month.

·         Different content sites have different revenue sharing resources for  freelance writers

Some sites will pay better than others for revenue sharing. There are some sites that will pay as high as 100% of revenue sharing. They still earn their money, but as a writer you earn 100% of income. Some pay as low as 40%. There are sites such as Hub pages that permit a writer to earn from more than AdSense. You can earn from Amazon, Kontera, Chitika and even EBay along with AdSense for some sites while others restrict you to only AdSense. This can vary your earning power

·         Different content will earn you or lose you readers

Consider the content that you write. Freelance writers will write what they know more often than what they don’t.  What you know may or may not earn you a lot of page views. Page views are needed to earn when writing per click. Of course, writers research new topics and content. Though, this could cost you articles. 

When you need to research for three hours to write one 600 word document when you could have used this same three hour window to create 10 pieces of content based on material you already know, you generally choose to go the ten article route. What if these ten articles will earn you 300 page views where the one article would have earned you 600? You can never tell for sure.

·         You gain a passive income which is great

Gaining a passive income is great. This means you earn again and again from one resource. You could get $10 from that resource this month and $50 next month and six months from now $100. For an example, a great piece of content surrounding a holiday will certainly earn close to the holiday. However, the rest of the year you may only see one or two views.  A passive income is not great when you need all of your money right now.

You can earn for years to come.

·         Great SEO or search engine optimization is a must have
SEO is what will drive traffic to your content. Organic traffic is hard to come by and many writers will find that they will only get wonderful traffic when they have great SEO along with promoting their content. This means you need to get the content to your traffic many times. Social bookmarking, tweeting and anything else that gets readers and your content together should be utilized.

Pros and cons of getting paid per post

·         Money up front is terrific

Money immediately is nice. You have money in your pocket right here and right now. You don’t have to wait for the end of the month to see what you may or may not make

·         Money is predictable

Most sites or clients know what they will pay you and advise you beforehand. You know up front what you will earn. Do you know how many page views you may get this month? You may receive one million or five. That can make a difference in your income for the month.

·         The site won’t get hit by Panda or any other search engine changes

After you sell your content you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You have the money in your pocket and you are on to the next project.

·         Someone may claim your work as their own

When you write per post or sell your content the owner that has the rights to your work can do whatever they want with it. They can even claim the content as their own if they want it

·         You don’t need to worry about the article content site being there tomorrow

Believe it or not some writers have been stuck with a site disappearing. A site is there on Tuesday and Thursday morning your hundreds of articles and hard work is gone.

These are a multitude of pros and cons when you are writing to earn per click versus earning per article or post. Things are extremely different and great freelance writers establish a balance between the two.