Chitika is an Alternative for Earning Outside of AdSense

Chitika is an advertiser that is similar to AdSense. These are ads that are placed on your blog or website that can earn you a nice income in place of using Google AdSense. Lots of webmasters have admitted their earnings are higher with Chitika than with Google AdSense.

Chitika is an advertising resource that many bloggers disregard as an alternative to AdSense. Chitika lets you display their ads on their Mobile, blog, website or app with high quality ads from their advertisers. You can use local ads or advertisers that are national or even global. They will attempt to target your users with ad campaigns that are displayed.

The website has a number of extremely beneficial articles under their support category of the website. These include services such as setting up ad units, tracking the progress of ad units, using Chitika for users out of the country, how to access and read reports and many more overviews and subject matter. There is even a Tips for Beginners series with wonderful content.

Chitika is the only ad network that has the capability or knows how to realize when not to show an ad to make a user’s experience better. Chitika is used by many as an alternative to Google AdSense.
Chitika ads can be used in conjunction with AdSense. For users that want to display both, you can. Chitika ads are not contextual based and they don’t look like AdSense ads. You can track the performance of each Chitika ad unit.

Chitika advertisers are featured alongside of a sites regular content. At the end of every month payment for the user is based on the previous month’s earnings. This is the same as AdSense ads. Payments are sent to the users account after they reach a minimum of $10 which is better than the AdSense minimum payout. Payments can be made via check or PayPal. Many users have found Chitika is a nice alternative to Google AdSense.
There is a referral or affiliate process tied to the Chitika ad service. You can refer advertisers to the service and earn a nice income. Referrals will earn 10% for the referral. The website has banners and ads that you can place on your blog or site.

Chitika can be used on nearly any blogging or website platform including WordPress, Blogger or Typepad. The website includes detailed instructions on apply the ads to any blog or site theme.

Chitika is a great alternative to using Google AdSense for advertising income. Many bloggers and webmasters have found their earnings higher with Chitika ads than Google AdSense.