Earn Money with Google AdSense and Article Writing

Article writing with an AdSense revenue sharing site is a wonderful way to earn a living with a nice passive income. AdSense revenue sharing sites are becoming increasingly popular for many authors in addition to hosting their own site or blog. These are generally authority sites for a specific type of content. Authors can post their articles and receive a share of the monies from the sites Google AdSense earnings. For instance, InfoBarrel is a site that shares Google AdSense earnings. Authors are paid 75% of the revenue for articles that earn. Hubpages is another large site that shares earnings by paying authors 60% of what your articles earn.

Authors sometimes question why they would settle for 74% or 60% when they could have the entire 100% by starting their own blog or site. The reality is when you have your own site or blog you haven’t established the benefit of an authority and trusts that these article writing sites have. These are sites that have results returned high in search engine results or receive quite a bit of traffic simply because they have already built an enormous audience and receive a lot of traffic or people that use the resources of the site sometimes without the benefit of searching though search engines.

Imagine if you had an article posted on your site and the same article posted on InfoBarrel. Would you rather receive 100% of the revenue generated by 10 visitors or 75% of the revenue generated by 200 visitors? These are sites that have entered into a relationship with authors to share their authority in exchange for your work and you share your work in exchange for their popularity and established authority. You both get a share of the income and numerous sites will share 50/50 so the example of InfoBarrel and HubPages sharing at 75% and 60% is actually quite good.

Although authority and trust are great for working your way up the search engine rankings, this will not get you to the top. You still want to make certain to provide pertinent information and quality articles. In addition, keywords research and keyword phrase content will help get your article noticed and ranked better. Don’t keyword stuff and get penalized by Google and lose out on Google AdSense earnings.

Hard work is needed to earn Google AdSense revenue for your articles using article writing sites. However, if you are successful you will make money and earn a nice passive income.


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