Writing a Great Health Article

As a writer you will write articles or blog posts on nearly anything and everything. One of the most popular articles that you will find on the web is a health article. When you are writing your health articles one of the most useful things for creating an impressive article is an article template. Article templates help you layout an article, include all relevant information and most importantly they assist you with staying on task. This particular post lays out the perfect article template for creating a great health article.

Your health article can be about any health related issue. You can write about what to do if you are stung by a bee or even what is involved with having a chemical peel performed. Whatever you decide to produce, use this article template to make your writing stand out.

Your health article is around how to cure and illness or address a health problem.

a.       The health issue-This is the introduction for your medical illness or problem. Discuss the health issue and include the cure for the issue. For an example, if you are writing about the flu you can discuss the flu in general. Talk about ways you contract the flu, people that contract the flu and symptoms of influenza. Talk about the cure or answer for the health condition or issue.

b.      The cure-This is the section where you discuss in detail your answer for the medical condition. Layout out steps for the cure. Many of the health related documents will have a multi-step answer. List your order of steps in this area of the article or post

c.       Summarize-make a summary of the cure or answer to the health related topic. This is also where you explain what the benefits are for the cure of the health related problem or concern.

d.      Support the cure-this section is basically a summary of your article. Display reasons to support the cure and how it will benefit the patient. You can quote studies or medical advice provided for the cure. For an example, how many people that use this particular type of medication see a great outcome and positive recovery, etc. Summarize the information and provide supporting documentation if available in this area of your document.

If you are writing your health related article for a blog post a great viewpoint is to target health connected issues, questions or concerns in your niche. Discover what obstacles or barriers your audience may encounter and layout answers. If you are searching for issues that are related to health articles for your niche you can search blogs, forums or even social networks.

This is an article template for writing the perfect health article that can help you achieve success in your next writing endeavor. 


  1. I found a software along time ago that was a template for article writing but when my motherboard burned up. I lost it. I tried looking for it several times but never found it on the Internet. You choose you catagory it had questions for each catagory you researched the questions answer the questions in your own words hit save. Name your article than after it was saved it automatically formatted your article for you. You just copied and pasted your article where ever you pleased and your article was saved sort of like word. It made article writing a lot easier and faster because you had a pattern or template to go by which keeps you on track.
    Great Post! Ping Ya!

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