Literary Agents for Freelance Writing

For writers that have finished writing a short story or novel or even a poem you may be considering a literary agent. If you are taking into consideration using a literary agent you may want to consider several things.

Literary agents will generally earn most of their income from books or a writer’s manuscripts or proposals. Some agents will handle articles, short stories and poems as a favor to their individual clients, but a majority of literally agents deal directly with the book manuscripts. Articles and short stories won’t generally have enough income generated to make it worth their while.

Agents will usually earn close to 10% of the writers earnings. Whereas a magazine like Playboy might bring in $2000 earning an agent about $200 a magazine that is not as well-known will pay substantially less, earning a literary agent less.

Today’s marketplace makes it easier for a novel or book to sell rather than a magazine article or a poem. If you are considering writing a poem do a book of poems to make it worth your while and the literary agent’s time. Magazines will generally look at their staff writers for content rather than actively seeking work outside of the company. Selling a book is easier today than smaller projects like articles and poems.

A book manuscript that is hot can earn an advance for a writer starting at $10,000. Writers such as Stephen King caliber earn up to millions for their manuscripts. A good writer may find a break with a terrific book and possible earn ten times this amount. However, whether or not a property is hot and what the marketplace can bear for you is definitely something an agent can verify.

If you have written a book and believe it can be a hot property, consider a literary agent to represent you and your best interest. This is a like to various articles concerning different types of literary agents and what having one can offer you and your work. 

a wonderful introduction to literary agents and what they can do for you as a writer