Getting Your Freelance Poetry Published

Freelance writers that are interested in writing and getting their poetry published need some direction. I wrote a post earlier related to literary agents and how they don’t deal with getting poetry published unless they are working with a client that has a novel or book to publish. Literary agents don’t typically deal with getting poetry published because they cannot make a great commission on this type of work. Where do you go from here?

When you get to the juncture in a writing career of wanting to publish your poetry, your work has probably done well and you feel you are at a point of an accomplished writer and getting published is the next logical step. Be prepared before you take this next big step in your freelance writing career. Many writers will be rejected quite a few times before finally becoming a published author in a lot of cases.

Portfolio of your work
A portfolio is needed. Building a wonderful portfolio of your work is an absolute must. You want to make certain that you showcase your poetry and provide samples of the best of your poetry.

Publishers are interested in what you bring to the table as a writer and having the capability to show you have what it takes is needed for success. Before publishers will agree to take you on you need to display you have what it takes and your portfolio is the vehicle to do so. Include the most excellent of your poems in a varied selection. Exhibit different styles, short ones, long ones and any other varied content.

Reality of being published
The reality of getting published is be prepared for rejection. Prominent authors such as Stephen King were rejected dozens of times before they were published so you should be primed for more of the same. You probably won’t be published immediately. If you cannot take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Be equipped for rejection. Some freelance poetry writers will discover they may have a couple of poems published here and there when they initially seek publication.

Submitting your work
The more publishing places you submit your work to the better your chances of publication of your poems. Make a listing of publishers that are accepting submissions, poetry magazines and other poetry publication resources. Send samples of your portfolio work to all of these.

Each one of these different sources of publication will be different. Find out how they want poetry work submitted to them and present accordingly. Follow the guidelines outlined to make certain your work is received and taken seriously for publication.

Each source has a different audience they are publishing for and you should keep this information in mind when deciding what sample to send. Try and focus your submitted work to match their audience needs to increase your chances for being published.

These are things you can do to increase your chances for publication of your poetry. Getting your poetry published may seem like a daunting task and no doubt will take some determination on your part. Following these techniques will certainly increase your chances of seeing your poetry published.