Freelance Writing for Advertising

Freelance writers have a variety of different clients. Some of those clients may request advertisement writing. Having the tools and techniques at your fingertips to make it work can be priceless.  

A large business or company will usually have in house staff to write their advertisement copy. However, smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs will hire out their ad writing. Freelance writers can have a lucrative income from these sources if you can master the art form of writing great ads.

Writing ads that will sell products and services is a powerful tool to possess. Freelance writers that are fortunate enough to simply make the words flow without any effort to put together great advertisement writing do exist. For the rest of us that need some assistance to make it work, you will find these methods useful to get the job accomplished;

1.       Your headlines should get the reader’s attention
The average internet user simply scans a lot of content. The average time spent on individual information while surfing the web is an extraordinary 6 seconds or less. Make these few seconds work for you by getting the attention of readers with great headlines.

The use of compelling words and content get the message to a reader fast. Not only are you getting to your reader fast, you are engaging them. Engaging a reader makes them want to stay with your writing. Exclamation points are good to use. Though, too much of anything is not good. If you use multiple exclamation points your writing looks as if you are screaming at the reader. Be careful to only use one when necessary.

2.       Create credibility
Credibility is important when freelance writing for advertising. You can use the company’s history and any awards or recognitions they have received. Telling the reader how many years the company has been providing this product or service works towards credibility.

3.       Emotional appeal
Emotions are powerful and will move readers to buy. Emotions can be triggered with beauty, health, fame or especially money. Making the emotional aspect of a product or service work for you can lead to the success of writing for advertising. If you are selling bath soap, try to sell the experience surrounding the soap. The relaxation, soothing feelings on your skin, etc. are ways you can trigger an emotional response that sells.

4.       Calling the customer to action
Call to action statements are used throughout advertising in nearly every genre. These are statements such as “buy today” or “purchase now”. Let the reader know that it’s urgent they act now and don’t hesitate. Make the reader pick up the phone now instead of later. Using call to action language works for selling and writing for advertising.

5.       Give the reader benefits immediately
Giving the reader his benefits immediately will give the reader what he wants. He has a problem and you are providing the solution. Don’t delay with the readers benefits. Remember, you only have a small window of opportunity before the reader moves on to other content. Instead of asking the reader if he is suffering from premature gray, let the reader know that they can prevent premature graying.

6.       Testimonials in writing for advertising
Testimonials are good for writing advertising if used correctly. Don’t provide false testimonials. You can use pictures with your testimonials for better testimonials. Customers like to see and hear from others that have used the product or service. Adding audio clips that a customer can view if they would like to is great. Many readers believe a testimonial is an approval stamp from another customer.
Writing great advertising as a freelance writer can be great for your wallet and your resume. These are methods that can make it work a little easier for nearly any freelance writer. 

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