Keep a Profile Professional No Matter Where You Display It

Along with times getting tough in our current economy, the capability to find freelance writing work is getting more difficult. The difficulty comes with more competition for writing jobs and less work available because of a tough economy. As a freelance writer you must compete harder and be better to land the employment opportunities that come your way. Having the best first impression is important. One first impression seen by an employer is your profile information.

I have written several blog posts on equipping yourself to be the best writer you can be. Having a profile that works positively is a good start in this direction. A profile is a window for many employers into who and what you are as a writer. Sending the right message with your profile information goes a long way into selling yourself as the right candidate for the position they have open for a freelance writer.

These are several places where you will find writer profile information that you should pay attention to besides your business blog or site. Writers will sometimes forget they have these profiles created and anyone can find these using search engines. Don’t allow a bad profile cost you a writing gig because of a bad first impression.

Make your Social Networking Site Profile Positive
Having a great profile on your blog or website works, but make certain that the profile on your social networking sites also work for positive representation of you.

If you are a member of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites don’t forget employers are also reading your profile information on these sites. It’s easy to move away from your professional persona with your social networking sites.

If you are serious about your writing career try not to do this. Although your friends and family correspond with you on these sites the chances of them reviewing your profile is more than likely small. However, an employer will definitely review your profile when considering you for a job and your profile should stay professional and be something you aren’t ashamed to have them review.

Forums should have a professional profile
If you belong to forums that provide an opportunity to create a profile, keep these professional. Forums are a place that many writers forget that profiles are created. Keep your profile professional on these.  

Article content sites or Bio information should be constructive
Article content sites will permit you to create a profile or author bio and these should be closely matched to what your blog or site profile displays.

Some article content sites allow author bios in place of profiles. Both should be created or formatted to make certain correct and valid information is displayed for anyone that would review them.

Numerous writers may have created profile information before indulging in freelance writing for business or income. If you believe you may need to update or change information for a profile, do so immediately.

Be consistent with your profile information. However, you don’t have to make them cookie cutter and state the exact same material in the same format. Copy and paste isn’t necessary, but you want them all closely detailed to match. The exact same arrangement or words won’t necessarily be used for each profile you produce. Though, they should all include the same information.

Your profile should be professional no matter where you display it. You never know who may read it and consider you for that next writing gig.

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