Looking for Clues Writers Website as a Source of Revenue for Writers

I am going to write a couple of posts concerning article writing content sites where freelance writers can earn revenue for writing. Some sites are pay per article, while others are page views or shared revenue with Google Adsense or similar shared revenue reimbursement. There are so many out there that many freelance writers aren't aware of many of them.

I don't personally belong to all of these and would be interested in any readers reviews or personal opinions on these particular sites. Please provide your feedback or experience with these sites, whether good or bad. I am interested and so are others to know about the advantages or disadvantages of these article content sites.

LookingForClues is a website that publishes articles that are promoted on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, your personal website or blog.

This particular website publishes bite size nuggets of information for insight and entertainment. Articles are bought from newbies as well as established writers.

One of the great things about Looking for Clues Writers is they allow you to link to your account/profile page on all social sites actively used for your submission email.

Do you upload videos to YouTube? If so, Looking for Clues is also interested in this sort of content. They will purchase reviews of YouTube videos. Any owners of YouTube channels with at least 500 subscribers with videos uploaded a minimum of once per month would like you to write for Looking for Clues. Payment is $10 or more for articles that will review a minimum of 4 videos. Email Bill at billATbkservDotcom .

Guidelines for Looking for Clues

·         Purchase from new and established writers
·         Payment is between $15 and $20
·         Article must be a minimum of 6 paragraphs and at least 800 words
·         Must be willing to link to your current content on the web. Links should be to your personal blog, website, twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube account
·         Include an author bio of at least 2 paragraphs
·         Payments are made via PayPal. Must have premier or business PayPal account
·         No previously published content will be purchased
·         All rights to article are owned by Looking for Clues once they are purchased. You can use or distribute the content in any way shape or form
·         Must be at least 18 years of age

Articles should be on subjects that writers are enthusiastic for and allow that passion to be demonstrated in your writing.
Specifically they would like to see articles that are;
1.       Practical articles that have useful information and provide knowledge to readers. “How to” information is great. These should be created around a widespread interest
2.       Commentary articles. What is your point of view on a social issue of prevalent or widespread interest?
3.       Trendy articles. Introduce the reader to something trendy or hot. This can be a person, place or thing
4.       Book/movie/product reviews. Reviews will be purchased for $15 dollars
If this is a writing opportunity that you would like to take advantage of, please follow this link for specific instructions on submitting your articles for payment.

pic is courtesy of lookingforclues