A Change to Your Income for Article Writing Sites

Revenue sharing article writing sites have been a mainstay of income for many freelance writers that publish content on the web. Online article sites provide an opportunity for an online writing job that pays in more ways than one. Page views and revenue sharing has been attractive because it translates to a continual form of income for months and sometimes years to come for each article. However, with algorithm changes made by Google the claim you can make money writing articles long after the original publication may be a thing of the past. There is no clearly defined definition of the new algorithm created by Google for article content on the web. Without a definition of what criteria Google is looking for or what they don’t want to see for content on the web that could affect ranking, many article writing sites are changing. With a change to online writing sites comes a change to your income for article writing sites as a freelance writer.

The new algorithm secret could be for a number of reasons. Of course, no one wants to see the system scammed. However, without this information many article writing sites may be running in a panic in removing content and penalizing freelance writers without cause. When changes were rolled out by Google for the new algorithm article writing sites around the web made changes to business as usual and content found on their different sites.

Article writing sites learned they were being penalized for content outside of the new Google search engine guidelines and many removed article content as a response. Some sites were kind enough to notify authors and ask their freelance article writers to change or critique their work and make modifications for republication. Then again, other sites simply removed the content without notice. This hurt a lot of writers in their pocket books. Other writers actually benefitted from the removal of some content from article writing sites. Without the competition they may have had their work bumped up in the rankings and received more page views than they otherwise would have before Google’s changes.

Imagine that you have a passive monthly income of approximately $1500 for content with online article writing sites all over the web. With lower traffic for your articles because of movement in the search engine results or removal of your article, you can bet that your monthly passive income changed. Articles that may have received 700 views before the change, may now only receive a couple of hundred. Your overall passive income can be reduced. Undeniably each month is different for your articles on the sites because you cannot predict how many page views you will receive. However, it goes without saying the more articles you have the more page views you can reasonably expect to see and less articles reduces your chances of page views and income in return.

Quality is king is reflected more in this particular situation than ever before. However, if the new algorithm is relying more on SEO (search engine optimization) or keywords than quality- you may find yourself worse off than better if articles stressed more quality than SEO or keyword content. A combination of both will definitely benefit each freelance writer using content on article writing sites for freelancer income. 

pic is courtesy of technimania.com