Freelance Writers Should Definitely Become Bloggers

Many freelance writers stay away from writing blog articles which is not good. There are numerous reasons why blogging is great for freelance writers. Don’t allow yourself to be a freelance writer that missed out on a great opportunity that is overlooked many times by some of the best writers in the marketplace.

If you search Wikipedia or other well-known similar sites they will give you a different definition for freelance writing or writing in general and blogging. However, blogging can help you as a freelance writer in more ways than one. There are several reasons why freelance writers should blog. 

Numerous people feel that blogging and writing are different in the tone or sense of tone found in blogging versus article writing. However, when you develop your own blog you are basically creating anything that you envision your blog to be. Your blog tone is what you want it to be. If you enjoy writing more informal on your blog, you can. However, if you prefer to write in the same format as your articles, you can.  One of the best places on the web for you to publish your freelance articles is on your very own blog for a number of reasons.
On the web search engines love blogs. One of the most popular for many is WordPress formatted blogs. I don’t commit to being a computer guru and must admit I don’t know the jargon to convey it more formally. However, the content of WordPress and similar blogs deliver the “newest” content to the web via search engines spiders and bots easier than content that is published or posted on content sites. This means if you want your rankings for your articles and contents to be out there and visible through the fastest route, blog it.
If you use an article directory to submit your content the web you are using a go-between, the directory. 

Using your blog to deliver content you are submitting the fastest and most direct route, no intermediary or intermediary.  The middleman is also true with you are writing articles to submit to other site to direct readers to your site. Publishing directly to your blog means the reader comes directly to your blog from your link to view your article.

Using a directory a reader must conduct a search within the directory for your information. On your blog regardless of what the reader is searching for they are reading your content along that route. If they are searching through other content on the directory you are hoping they are not distracted by another writer’s information and never get to your content or click on the wrong link and never view this great piece of work you can deliver.

Blog content or articles are easier to write than many freelance writing assignments. With your own blog you are writing for you- in a niche you have selected and typically are knowledgeable and interested in which is usually reflected in your work. Many times you are writing articles faster than you can publish.

When you own your own blog you can advertise and build your advertising revenue to your liking. You don’t need to worry about the split between you and the content owners and how the Google AdSense will be divided up for views of your articles. When you own your own blog you determine if you want to use Google AdSense or go with another advertiser. Another advertising affiliate connection may pay you more for ads that AdSense after splitting with your content site owners.

These are more than a couple of reasons why you want to publish your own blog if you are a freelance writer. If you haven’t already considering making the leap to blogging, do so.

If you have already taken the leap and want to share some of your experience or advice with the rest of us, please do so.


  1. As someone who only started Blogging earlier this year I found this article very useful and interesting. I remember a few months after my twin sister died in 2008 a cousin told me to start a Blog and I had no idea what it was really all about. I was also not in the state of mind to start it then. Now I am happy that I started one. I think it is a great way of getting one's thoughts across and exposing one's writing. Thanks for helping me to learn more about the importance of Blogging.
    Judy from Jamaica

  2. thank you Judy for your comment. blogging is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and ideas on your own platform.
    i also have a blog that you may be interested in to learn more about blogging.

  3. I have just had a look at your other blog and have already read some of the articles. I found them very interesting and informative. I recommend them to all who are new to Blogging.


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