Write Better Poetry Content as a Freelancer

There are some that will tell you there is no right or wrong way to write poetry. However, there is always better writing. You don’t want to be the writer full of beautiful beginnings and content that just cannot seem to get it correct on a piece of paper.

Avoid being the bad poet and be all that you can be as a poet. If you can do whatever you do well even better. Why wouldn’t you?

Classes for poetry and writing
There are better ways to write poetry and deliver a piece of verse. Writing poetry is of course a craft, but there are skills involved in doing it well. Fundamentals with writing are also involved with writing poetry. Workshops for writing and poetry are a terrific place to start.

Read more poetry
Some poets get stuck when they begin to write in only concentrating on their own works of art. Read more poetry. You can subscribe to a poetry journal or literary.

You can learn better technique as well as pick up tips, tricks and tools that you will find useful. The more you read and learn about your field of interest the more you will produce terrific content.

Practice makes perfect
There are famous basketball players in the NBA that don’t have all of the genetics. How they make up for what they may lack in genetics is through the use of practice. They will shoot 100 free throws in order to make that one when it counts.

Practice is great for poets also. Exceptional people in any field practice.

Attempt different forms
Formal poetry went out when indoor plumbing came indoors. However, there is still a place for it in every poet’s toolbox. You never know what you may find or get out of practicing and reading different forms of poetry than what you typically enjoy reading and writing.

Expand your vocabulary
This doesn’t mean you have to learn a 20 letter word each day. However, if you read your content and find that you are using the same words over and over again, you definitely need to expand your vocabulary.
Keep a thesaurus and dictionary nearby when you write as a rule of thumb.

Read your work it out loud
Amazingly many poets don’t read their work out loud. They may read it over and over again in their head or have someone else read it. Get into the habit of reading what you wrote out loud. Does it sound great or blah. Make changes and do it again.

Even if you read poetry that you never expect to be read out loud, do so.

Rewrite if needed
Many poets are afraid to do this. They know they will nail it on the first try and may take away from their content if they “mess around” with it. Don’t believe the hype. Make changes and revisions if needed. Reread and rewrite as a practice. Make your poetry perfect.