Ghostwriting for Freelancer Income

Ghostwriting is writing a piece of content, book or article, where another author receives the full credit for the work you produce. The other author may ask for a ghost writer for a number of reasons. They may not enjoy or are not good at writing content. They may not have the time to write the content by a certain deadline. Whatever the reason, they are willing to pay a writer to perform the work for them.

Many writers are familiar with the term ghostwriting. However, when you decide to ghostwrite you won’t receive credit for your content. Therefore, ghostwriting is for income and will build your portfolio only in the context that you can include that you have done the work but you cannot display the work you completed.
You can obtain a lot of information of course on the web. There are ghostwriting freelance jobs posted on job boards. This will provide you with information on the pay for the jobs and what ghostwriting jobs entail in general.

Ghostwriting jobs are typically few and far between. You can contact publishers with a letter indicating you are interested in ghostwriting and share your portfolio and examples of your writing content, resumes and include references to generate these jobs. To locate publishers, search through the American Association of Book Publishers.

Remember, ghostwriting will typically only have income tied to it. You won’t have the opportunity to show how well you can write and you may write a beautiful piece of content that attracts a lot of readers. Are you willing to let that go and live with only the paycheck? If so, ghostwriting as a source of freelancer revenue may be fine for you.