Write Articles to Hold Your Readers Interest

If you are making a conscious decision that you would like to freelance write in order to make revenue you need to make a choice to compose an article to hold a reader’s interest.

Everyone has articles that they would “like to” write and those that you “want to” write, but when creating content for your freelance writer income, you need to make a list of articles that should be written to earn income and consider these as priority. Unfortunately you may want to create an article on fly fishing but the audience that supplies your freelance writer income isn’t very interested and the content wouldn’t hold a wide variety of readers. Without a large audience of reader’s, your revenue from online writing won’t be very large. As a freelance writer you will generally go where the best freelance writer jobs are located which is with the articles that you should write.

When determining what sort of article to write, you may have to perform some research. You can view Google tools for information on what keywords or SEO or search engine optimization content is being researched most often. In addition, Yahoo Buzz also has a tool to provide you with similar content. These devices can provide you with the most up to date searched information on the web.

With this content in hand, you can formulate what subject matter you are going to develop an article on. Viewers will be searching for your content and your articles when you are armed with this information which in turn will lead to more revenue for you.

A rule of thumb can be for each 9 articles you write on your “to write” list, you can write one article on the “want to” write list. Both of these will overlap if you’re fortunate.

Remember, even if you are writing on content that you are not familiar with do an excellent job. Research your content well. Your name is on your pieces and you want to make sure that you can be proud of the contents that you are positioning on the internet, on your blog or a writing site that you belong to.
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