SEO Tools You Can Use for Keyword Discovery

Many freelance writers that have websites or need SEO tools for keyword discovery to optimize or measure their content are looking for a tool to help them do just that. A posting that I discovered on my discussion group. These tools are simple to use and are free for the most part to use.
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The keyword discovery tools I've found to be the best are:

Combined with a browser plugin/extension for Firefox and Chrome:
SEOQuake (For opening up analysis tools in a search query, once you have a keyword/keywords.)
WordTracker's SEO Plugin for Bloggers (for generating content, not for analyzing competition). It gives you keywords relevant to your content so you can find those keywords that get the most traffic - it just doesn't analyze competition for you (use SEO Quake for that).

My current favorite is Market Samurai, however. The reason being, it generates a graphic presentation of your keywords' competition using common metrics such as Meta Data usage, PageRank, Domain Age, backlinks and their anchor text...

There is a free trial available (this is my affiliate link):

If you want a non-affiliate link, go to and the free trial is available. Either way, it's an incredible suite of tools that goes beyond mere keyword research, and replaces my old method of using SEOQuake and a host of other tools.

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