Get Paid for Mystery Writing

Write for magazine publications and get paid to do it. These are words countless writers long to hear. In the struggle to pursue the ideal job no stone is left unturned. What's more any individuals that enjoy seeing their name in print in these types of publications soon discover there happen to be more than a few locations to check out.  Check out a couple of these who pay fairly well for the work. 

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is currently taking submissions for these categories of stories. They are one of the best in the biz. Any writer in this niche is definitely missing out on an opportunity by neglecting to look into this state of affairs.  

With a circulation of nearly five million readers, there is an enormous opportunity to branch into other forms of employment. Make the profession as lucrative as possible with every publication. Whether it happens to be an electronic or paper type of print, both are announcing what a great writer has to offer. The more readers the better is always a good motto to remember. 

The publication has been around for more than a few decades. The award winning company has a reputation for accepting content from veterans and newbies alike. This means even persons new to the game are welcome to send in samples for review.

The website admits they are looking for material with a specific style inside of this particular genre. Writings such as private eye cases, psychological suspense and even more realistic writings like police or FBI stories based on real crime. 

One of the nicest things about the company payment method is per word rather than per story. There is no minimum word limit, but the maximum length for any writing is 8000. At 5 cents to 8 cents a word, this is a generally good return for the amount of work done. 

This is a link for submissions to the magazine.  Ellery Queen Mysteries link 

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery magazine is another outlet for the creation mind in this genre. They have a rep for paying as high as $960 for each story they buy. admitted with payment of 8 cents per word means a story with a max length of 12,000 words is a $960 pay day. 

The website admits an interest in all sorts of categories of the mystery feature. Alfred Hitchcock magazine accepts suspense, courtroom dramas, spy tales and a variety of others. Check the company website for more specifics in narratives they admire. 

The only real specification seems to be the story must be about crime. There is no wiggle room on this requirement. The occasional supernatural tale or even ghost story is accepted. This means those on the fringe of the niche are invited to work with Alfred Hitchcock publishers. The fringe pieces need to be exceptional to interest the editors.

This is the link for submission guidelines.

Both of these are excellent examples of where the mystery niche makes a great living. Along with paper copies of the magazines there are also electronic versions. Check them out and share experiences.  

There are several resources which help professional mystery writers. Check into these to determine if they are of any help to you personally. Each gives different resources and are specific for each writing circumstance.

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