BuzzSumo is a Fantastic Writing Resource

Time, time, time and more time is needed for any professional writer. Finding sources to increase this valuable commodity are priceless. One of the best ways is using writing software. It gives a short cut to analyzing the data of social networks in order to distribute material to more readers with less effort. Though thousands of these tools are around the web, not all are an excellent investment. One receiving great reviews is BuzzSumo.

Understanding what readers are interested in sharing with friends, family and followers is ideal. Though the prospect of wading through all of the analytical data to find out is a daunting task. BuzzSumo is a short cut using the data base of some of the most recognized social networking sites.

Imagine being able to link thought provoking articles and found appealing to readers and peers alike. Getting more bang for the buck by letting others do the work of linking via social networks because of the knowledge the tool gives to you.

It is able to resource material from specified articles, domains and other criteria. Showing you what is being read, by whom, when and where it is shared. Not only is written material tracked, but the device also has numbers on video, pics and even guest posts.

This is the review of one of the best pieces of software around today. Check it out here.

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