Music Helps Writers Block

Writers block is very dangerous for any freelance writer attempting to earn a living. The inability to gain ideas to put on paper (on the computer) is dangerous. Writing is how you make a living and without the ideas needed to craft wonderful content, you are definitely up a stream without a paddle. Finding a new way to bring new and innovative concepts to your brain is a necessity in these cases

Consider using music to make it work. Music has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. This means the abundance of raw material sitting around for you to use is unlimited. Using this resource to help create is not unheard of. In fact, words to songs are actually written content someone formed an idea for and another professional put to music.

Although every person has their own taste in what they listen to, it all evokes a variety of thoughts and emotions no matter what type you prefer. Regardless of individual taste, it is all raw material waiting to be used when your writers block kicks in.

Countless memories are tied to songs and lyrics heard and remembered. A melody or tune from years ago stays with you. Different types bring a variety of ideas or philosophies to mind. These are some examples of types of music and what subject matter is gained when you use them.
Love Songs

Love songs are an enormous part of memories related to music people retain for long periods of time. A record from high school or college evokes a sentiment that makes the world just right. Take a love song and create powerful emotional material.  

Write about the feelings that make your heart beat faster or even build an idea from the setting of the ballad.  Couples on the beach, having breakfast at sunrise, hiking in the mountains or even sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee. All of these ideas simply from the setting of a couple in a song.

Of course there are settings of weddings to talk about, but look for something more. A small simple portion of a tune builds more than a few places to begin your writing strategy.

Sad Songs

This is another arena where the piece of music taps into emotions. It turns on the sensation of sadness, loss or even grief. Even the happiest of people have sad songs they enjoy. Sentiment is difficult for some writers to latch on and write about.

Ideas are easy to come by just like the love angle. Remember the song playing at your grandfathers funeral? What did that say to you? Is it something you will write and share?

A sad song is great for finding a physical place to focus on. The physical location of the material emerges from the tune itself or from where you were when you heard it and the sentiment hit you. Where you in your car, at night by the side of the road. How about lying in your bed at dusk. Find ideas in sadness to take a reader physically to a different place.

Things about coming of age and growing up or older are attached to these ditties. There are countless places to take these concepts.

Angels and demons

Religious songs are all about morality, belief and tons of material surrounding faith. Building content around hymns or music related to religion holds a different meaning for everyone.

Some writers latch on to the songs that take them to a higher feeling and create content from those ideas. Others send messages to stroke morals and beliefs. Various religions and beliefs outside of your level of comfort is another direction to take. Tell the world about the religious beliefs of the American Indians before they were Christian converts.

Happy songs

The ballad played that makes you happy is one you certainly never tire of hearing. Everyone has their own single or even album which puts a smile on your face and a skip in your step. The band or piece of music simply goes straight to your "happy bone" when you connect with it. Investigate what it is about the tune that meets up with these feelings for you. That refrain you cannot get out of your head is saying write an article or blog post about me.

Go outside of your venue

Rock and roll listeners will do well to invest a little time in country music or even rap and the opposite is also true. Take some time to venture into an area you are not familiar with. Looking at something from the novice side of it will give a different viewpoint and make a nice article. Create a bit of material about an opera ballad and see what comes of it.

Surprisingly some writers going outside of their comfort zone discover more resources and the journey is worth it.

Musicians and music

The professionals behind the content are musicians with interesting stories, lives and subject matter galore. The amount of resources gained from musicians and music in general is huge.

For instance, write an article about what happened to a one hit wonder that never had that famous career they imagined. What about the musicians starting out as children and hurdles they faced? How is music recorded in Europe versus America? Find a niche and write a series. Ideas are overwhelming when you generalize music and musicians.

In conclusion

Imagine all of the things musicians work into their art and what you will be able to pull out of it to make your writing better. Music will be around for another hundreds of thousands of years making this source unending.