A Review of the site Bubblews

Writers are interested in passive income. Freelance writers around the web are attentive to any writing site which is capable of increasing this particular area of professional monies coming in. passive income is very important because it is as close to a steady stream of income as freelance writing will get you. Therefore, joining a writing site is appealing if the cash paid to your pocket is fairly good.

Freelance writers are extremely attentive to writing sites which are capable of increasing passive writing income. This particular area of monies is as close as freelance writers get to a steady stream of earnings coming in. Therefore, there is a great interest in writing sites to determine if they are worth investing the time and effort of creating content.

The return on the investment must be worth it because time is precious for any freelance writer. Submitting material to a writing site is generally done in between forming articles for personal clients or even creating blog posts for themselves. 

It is impossible to join every writing community. Analyses of writing sites give freelance writers an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about a site before joining the community. This means the most valuable sites are certainly the most appealing. Generally this is determined from information or knowledge from other writers, reviews and input from other sources found around the web.

This is one of those resources used to help in making the decision of whether or not this is an attractive place to settle in for a considerable amount of time while building the best passive income possible. That being said these are some pros and cons of the writing site Bubblews.



Earning is easier –making money is not simply based on page views with revenue sharing like similar writing sites. Other actions help you earn. In fact, things like receiving “likes” and comments for articles puts money in your pocket.  This makes getting more money for articles easier.

AdSense is not a requirement- the site does not require members to have an AdSense account. For any writer without one or unable to get one, it is not an issue. For newbies waiting on for an account you will earn while you wait

Moderation is not substantial-the site does not put a lot of weight on moderating content. There is a light hand on content as well as style. There is a filter to remove spam as well as any content outside of the site guidelines.

Lots of community support-the payment options are attractive and make earning easy. This is a plus for community support and involvement. Other writers around the site are reading and commenting along with focused traffic from search engines. The more the merrier or the bigger your next paycheck will be.

Only a minimum of 400 words needed-with a minimum of 400 words per article most authors find submitting lots of content easy. This means if you have a 2500 word one or a 400 word one, both are acceptable.

Minimum threshold of $50 for payment-this is a lot lower than most sites. The average site typically will not pay out until $75 or $100 dollars. The $50 means payment is received more often.  Lots of the very active members are paid every week with this lower threshold.

Along with pluses come the minuses with any site. Bubblews is no exception. Find out what there is not to like about it next.


Breaking the rules costs money-most sites warn a writer when guidelines are broken. Bubblews takes the next payment due. If the next one is fairly large and rule infraction small, hard feelings are going to occur to say the least.  Make certain you understand the procedures and follow policies at all times. Take the time to learn them as soon as you join. Do not take a gamble of not getting your paycheck.

Spammers are an issue-with a lower moderation input and more emphasis on commenting and likes, spammers become a bigger issue than similar writing sites. Although spamming earns you money, it is also a set back with bad links to great content. Be careful with getting this nasty stuff connected to your hard work.

Down time often-this is a new site which has been upgraded several times and is still being worked on. The amount of new traffic, payment processing and members has impacted the downtime. This is noticeable for anyone joining the site and a nuisance. If potential readers come to content not there, they move on. Additionally, down time means less time to earn. When this will lessen or stop is impossible to say.

Glitches in the system-there are more than a few glitches in the system which is fairly noticeable. Things like having to use the Captcha button often to get on the site as well as the Pinterest button no working are annoying to say the least. This is possibly attributed to the same issues causing a large amount of downtime. There are fixes going in all of the time to resolve. How soon and how many will occur is not foreseeable at this time. Double check each submission for publication.

Site is not that old-this is a plus and a minus. Getting in on the ground floor of a new site is wonderful if it goes golden. This means the outlay is worth it. The opposite is also true. I have experienced a speculation on a site going in a positive direction and it ended up disappearing from the web. When it left it took all of my hard work.

In conclusion

These are advantages and disadvantages connected with Bubblews. Some are definitely bigger than others. For the most part I would say it is a good deal if it grows and becomes established as a good site with Google. Lots of veterans are concerned with the low minimum rate of words per article and less focus on moderation. This leaves room for a lower degree or value of work which is a negative when it comes to page ranking.

Higher page ranking is ideally where a writer wants work.  Google Panda updates cleaned house for lots of sites and penalized writers and their work for less than stellar articles. Is this a possibility with this site? Will your content disappear after investing lots of time and effort? It is certainly possible. A new site means taking a gamble on earning great money from passive income getting in on the ground floor or the complete opposite.  Your worst nightmare coming true is certainly possible.

Getting paid without a Google AdSense account and more often is very attractive. This is a plus no matter how you say it. Following the rules is a must with any site and not an issue for most.

Lots of sites experience glitches and downtime when they are new and absorbing a lot of info and members. Even veterans like Infobarrel and Hubpages had these issues. If you like the company and feel the future will be fortuitous, hang in there for now. Join and cross your fingers on what the future will bring.

This video is a personal review of the Bubblews site.