All About Textbroker University

Textbroker is a website numerous freelance writers use to increase their online income. It connects writers with clients that will pay for their work. They have recently provided another resource for community members to increase their earnings potential working on the site. The online writing site is introducing “a university” to help increase your income by helping you to write better articles and become an overall better author.

The resource is offered to any writer with a three star rating. The purpose is to increase your rating at the end of the process which in turn means more writing gigs and more money for you. More clients and better assignments should follow with an increase in your writing status after enrolling in their University.

What is the Textbroker University?

The Textbroker University is a wonderful concept when you think about it. Most writing sites will have you craft content and submit for editing. You will receive advice on how to improve this individual piece of work and the hope is whatever knowledge you get will transfer to other aspects of your material in the future. This is not always true. In fact, for most writers the comments and criticism is immediate and the knowledge is not retained or used to craft better future content.

What it offers

Textbroker is looking to make every writer connected to their site become an expert through an individualized 3 step instructional series which forms building blocks for the future.  Immediately signing up for the exercise or University will gain you feedback on five of your most recent unrated articles. With the advice shared, writers will follow a three step series of instruction with a focus on common issues discovered in your articles. This means they are honing your writing style and performing and overall adjustment that will return you better future material.

Along with the three step series of instruction for your articles, the Textbroker University promises to instruct you in writing effective copy, proof reading and even comma usage along with other common writing issues and concerns.

More money

Writers that complete the course will have their next ten articles reviewed. The writer’s worth will improve personally and professionally. A three star writer will be moved to a four star writer. Four star writers will earn almost 40 percent more than a three star one for the same article. Along with making more for your articles other assignments like proofreading are promised to come your way.

In conclusion

Along with every other writing site on the web Textbroker is effectively trying to get writings to produce better content. Instead of taking a reactive approach to the issue they have built a proactive approach. This is a unique and wonderful way that sets them apart from other similar sites around the web.

Any member of the site that would like to see their star level increased along with their writing opportunities and earnings should look into the Textbroker University.

 If there are any writers which have already gone through this instructional process and would like to share their story with us, feel free to do so.

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