How to Write a Things to Avoid Article

Have you noticed around the web there are more articles and information on what to do to improve a situation than how to avoid a bad situation? This proves the point that more people look for ways to improve a position than avoid hurdles that wouldn’t place you in that situation to begin with and why writers shy away from things to avoid articles.

Some chalk it up to writing for keywords and keyword phrases and the difficulty built with forming an article or blog post for avoiding something. However, it may be more than that. Individuals surfing the web would rather read from a point of view of what to do rather than what not to do. A number of writers simply will not create valuable content from the point of view of what not to do. Though, valuable material and subject matter is sorely missed because of this fact.

Taking the time to write a great negative article to put a positive spin on it can bring more readers than most writers imagine. There is a constructive way to convey a “things to avoid” article to readers in an attractive format. Using the right article template will certainly help with that.

Use Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a bonus for readers. Formatting writing content with a personal note of constructive criticism will help to fashion writing content more appealing when writing a “things to avoid” article. In addition, revealing some expertise in the area builds a sense of trust and downplays the negative aspect of writing this particular type of resource for readers.

Use Positive Wording

Although a title may seem negative with for “things to avoid” articles, a writer can still keep wording positive. Use positive words to lead the fight. Stay away from words like “but”, “never”, “cannot” or “do not”. It can be difficult when writing with a flow that captures the context of the information being shared. Though, it is certainly not impossible. Careful editing can help with this tactic or strategy. Proofreading goes a long way with this type of writing.

These are some quick hits on technique and tips to follow with a “things to avoid” article;

Your title-you can make your title include your “things to avoid” without using negative wording. Keep connected with your keywords and keyword phrases

Intro-find ways to make the reader understand the benefits or advantages of avoiding a person, place or thing and how you will help make this happen

Body-this is where expertise and touching on professional experience come into play. A brief overview should begin the body portion of the article. Avoid getting long winded and keep it to a maximum of six sentences. The personal connection maintains a trust factor with a reader while constructing credibility.

List-this is an option that works exceptionally well with “things to avoid” articles. List the person, place or things with great examples or instructions to follow which benefit a reader

Conclude-wrap up the article on “things to avoid” with a short couple of paragraphs that outlines advantages of following the information provided.

In conclusion

Make certain that quality content is provided that a reader will actually profit from. An article outlining “things to avoid” should be as important as other articles composed from the opposite stand point. Original quality information in a “things to avoid” article is vital to building a wonderful freelance writing portfolio and making more money online as a writer.