Using Staff Agencies for Freelance Writer Work

As work from home business persons have you considered using a Staffing agency as a job resource? Staffing agencies are a go between guy between workers and employers. These agencies became extremely popular almost 20 years ago and have had an increase in clients in recent years with the current economy and increasing work from home industry growth. Using staffing agencies for freelance writer work may be an alternative option that could work out well.

Why employers use staffing agencies

Staffing agencies have seen a rise in clients for several reasons. The increase in business has come from both sides of the isle, the employers and employees that use their services. A lot of companies have discovered that instead of hiring full time employment with benefits, automatic salary increases and dealing with the ever so popular unions they like the idea of temp staff to fill their needs. Temporary staff generally bypasses all of these.

Why employees use staff agencies

Originally a lot of employees that sought work from staff agencies did so with ideas such as working a temp job for a while to earn extra money when needed. Imagine earning simply for the vacation this year or to make more Christmas cheer with a little more money in the bank. Employees like the idea of filling in when needed and leaving when something better or something else came along. It worked out as a win/win for everyone involved.

Are they all temporary work?

Depending in the work the company has some staff jobs are temporary to full time. There are even staffing agency jobs that last anywhere from two weeks to two years listed under temporary.

The advent of maternity leave, long term disability and FMLA (family medical leave) has really extended staff agency jobs for employee and continued to make them bountiful. With this in mind what can a staff agency do for you?

What are the advantages for me?

As freelancer writers a number of us are used to getting jobs with clients that are temporary. These jobs can last from a couple of pieces of content to a book and more. Jobs with real companies versus working with single entrepreneurs do provide some advantages.

Most staffing jobs through agencies will provide some perks for freelance writers. For the longer assignments there is the possibility of sick leave, vacation time or even benefits which are all extremely appealing when working as a freelancer from home.

Signing up with a staffing agency can make your job writing search a whole lot easier because in place of one on one networking with clients, a staff agency can give a freelancer the connection to a wide variety of clients at the same time. The legwork is done by the agency leaving more prescious time for writing.

The good agencies that work with staffing needs will have leads that are making a connection with your writer particular wants and desires. They take the time to match you with a good fit. This increases the chances of making a success of the interaction and working duties and tasks you enjoy. Additionally, by taking the time to attach freelancers to jobs they fit well in, a client is also satisfied which can lead to more work.
disadvantages of staffing agencies

Disadvantages of staff agencies exist. Money is the culprit. Unfortunately, this merry matchmaker for work at home jobs or freelancer work will get a cut of the money for their fee. This can vary from agency to agency and usually comes from the client.
Finding the right fit for what you desire is always a hard mountain to climb. Though, the more clients available the better your chances.

In conclusion

Research the staff agencies in your market and find the details surrounding freelancer work as well as work from home job resources. As a freelance writer always be on the lookout for the next great door of writing opportunity to open. There are some agencies that have recruiting practices surrounding niche markets while others have general recruiting habits.  

Most freelancers that have discovered clients using staff agencies have found successful employment and the task was worthwhile. Have a positive approach to working with these agencies that staff for a variety of clients and see what it does for you.


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