Tools for Getting Online Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs aren’t simply handed to writers. For the most part writers have to apply for jobs and work hard at getting them. Even a great article meticulously edited for grammar, with an excellent title and great content can be rejected after submission. Though, using the right tools for getting online writing jobs will make application and getting the job a whole lot easier.

Match up with the correct site for a writer’s interest

The correct writing site can make a world of difference in being accepted. This means that a writer matches their interests with the website they want to work for. Verify the site and the writer will work well together to increase the chance of being accepted.

Generally, a writer that connects with a writing website will stay focused and absorbed in the content and job assignments which always makes employment more enjoyable and less likely to be uninspiring. Writers that bore easily with the job at hand are more likely to turn in shoddy work or miss deadlines. Everyone wants a gratifying job, even writers.

Verify the writing sample before sending

Edit writing samples thoroughly before sending them in.  This noteworthy tool can go hand and hand with getting the correct site for a writer’s interest. Is the writing sample appropriate to the position? Does the writing sample look and feel like some of the best work possible? Be sure and send in writing that looks as well as feels great. If a sample feels out of place or not quite what it should be, wait and make corrections later. Rewrite the information or pick a different subject matter.

Expertise in a particular field may not always be enough if a horrible writing sample is submitted. Generally, a wonderful example of writing and knowledge in a particular field will increase the chances of filling an open writing position.

Social media can be an added bonus

Adding social media to a profile is a bonus that a number of writers have discovered is a plus for an application. This will display a motivation in an expansion of writing influences, impacts and a vision for more. Consider Pinterest, Google Plus and Redgage in addition to more traditional Twitter and Facebook. Adding the newest kids on the block shows an employer a writer is aware of new online impacts in this specific venue.

Follow up with sites

If a site has advised a reply will be sent in 2 days, make certain a response is received timely. This means don’t wait 2 weeks and follow up. There may be times when applications are overlooked or not received. No follow up by a writer means they can feel rejected in error and never learn the application was not received. A writer that shows an attention to detail will follow up if a 2 day turns around turns to 4 days.

Following up on a writing application should be done via email in a professional manner. Make certain to contact the correct person or area with the employer where an application was made.

In conclusion

Applying for an online writing job doesn’t necessarily guarantee a writer will be accepted by an online writing site. Using these tools make the chance of getting an application accepted with the next writing site increase tenfold. A writer with interests aligned with a site that sends in a sample with great grammar and editing has a head start. Connecting social media to profiles and making certain a follow up is made will also add credibility for a writer with employers. Work with the right tools for the next writing job and see what really makes the cut when it comes to writing for a living.
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