Automate, Schedule and Outsource Freelance Writer Work

In order to succeed in the business of writing, a writer must have time to write. However, there is a business side of being a freelance writer that makes all of us need to do the things we don’t enjoy. This includes researching information, verifying facts, editing, reviewing analytics, proofreading and all of the non-writing responsibilities that come along with having a freelance writer career. These are duties no successful writer can get around. However, there is an easier way to accomplish these tasks. Three rules of thumb that can help a writer are to automate, schedule and outsource freelance writer work whenever possible.


Automating is to some degree what many freelance writers that own blogs or websites utilize more than any other type of writer. Generally the website or blog platform in use will hold some type of automated processing for a lot of the tasks that need to be done. This includes, but is not limited to things such as posting content to the website or blog. Additionally, functions like connecting site content to Twitter or Facebook can also be automated. Automate whenever possible to save precious writing time.


Schedules are meant to be kept. There are times when schedules will go slightly out of kilter, but for the most part scheduling keeps things in order. This is important for a busy writer schedule that has a lot to accomplish. For a busy writer schedule it is vital to keep order and direction. Keeping things in order satisfies clients, customers and helps a writer find the time to write more often.

Make a schedule for the day, week and month. The daily and weekly schedule should be detailed. A monthly schedule can be more loosely applied. Sticking closely to a daily and weekly schedule will help to complete details outlined in the monthly format.

Keeping a daily schedule not only lets a writer complete the tasks at hand and remain on point, but it also lets a writer physically see that although a day may seem as if nothing was completed –it actually was. A weekly schedule helps you to organize your days to meet deadlines and also to allow for free time for friends, family and fun. Without a schedule things can get out of hand quickly and numerous writers find it seems as if they are always spinning wheels and rushing to finish anything on time or missing deadlines that can cost a writer clients and money.

Not having a schedule makes writers miss out on that downtime that is so vital to keeping motivated and having fun at a job many enjoy. Don’t get burned out simply because of disorganization. Keep a schedule and stick to it.


Outsource is not a bad word in the writing biz. In fact, outsourcing can actually be a great thing. It does say one thing about freelance writing work. Outsourcing can mean that a writer is on top of things and realizes the need for extra hands to finalize various duties. More importantly, outsourcing can signify getting more than enough work to make a nice online living working as a freelance writer.

Outsourcing usually costs money. Remember, many times a writer will get what they pay for. When searching for outsourcing support the least expensive may not always be the best. Finding someone to work with that is a great fit and also fairly inexpensive means a writer is extremely lucky and should always keep them.

A lot of writers fear outsourcing any type of work.  Avoid feeling this apprehension. Numerous tasks can be outsourced if the right connection comes along. Simply because writing tasks have been outsourced doesn’t mean writers cannot retain credibility, professionalism and keep the quality of writing intact. Outsource editing, researching and any other responsibilities that warrant it. An excellent virtual assistant is difficult to find, but they are like gold in a pocket after connecting with a terrific one.

If a writer discovers that one resource for outsourcing is wonderful at editing, while another has strength at researching, use more than one. Depending on a writer’s workload multiple tasks may warrant multiple sources of input. Work with what works best for an individual’s particular situation.

By automating, scheduling and outsourcing any writer will discover better writing. As a freelance writer create better more organized content and in the end, make more money online as a freelance writer by using these three techniques and tools.
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