Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

My kids talked my sister into visiting and adding the movie channels before they go to stay with her for a week next week for their spring break trip. My kids adore my sister, and my sister adores them. She doesn’t have any kids. My kids she feels like are her kids. She is a really fun aunt and has taken the kids some really fun places. She will even come up and watch them when my husband and I have to go out of town, or just want to go out of town. She is bad about giving them anything that they want. They talked her into getting the movie channels so that they would have something to do at night. As if there aren’t enough things to do at night in Palm Beach ( where my sister lives). She has a pool, DVD player, lives on the beach, etc. The list is virtually endless. She insisted to me that the kids hadn’t talked to her into it, that she just wanted them. I know that she was just saying that so they wouldn’t get in trouble!