Factoidz has changed the Name to Knoji

Online writing jobs are difficult to come by as a freelance writer. Most freelance writers working on the web earn the majority of their income with passive income. Finding a great writing site with passive income to pay the bills is difficult to come by. Factoidz is an article content site which delivers ample opportunities to put your content to work earning in a multitude of ways in addition to passive income. Tons of writers enjoy writing for Factoidz.com which has now become Knoji.com.

When you type in the URL of Factoidz.com and are redirected to Knoji.com it can be frightening without a heads up. Scores of writers belong to more than one publishing platform for online writing income. If you haven’t published in a while at Factoidz it may have been a surprise to find Knoji.com where Factoidz.com should have been. Though, a lot of writers may find this a welcome surprise.

Factoidz.com has been a popular site for a number of writers because of one of the most attractive advantages in freelance writing, earnings. Money makes the world go around. A great place to earn excellent income while the freelance writing world goes around was Factoidz which is now Knoji.

Online income holds enormous appeal for any writing site and Factoidz has not been an exception, it’s been the rule for a lot of writers. Not only does Factoidz have the attraction of passive income it also has the appeal of active income. You can earn bonuses for writing nearly anything with Factoidz.com.

You can earn money writing reviews, comparison reports, and factual articles on nearly any subject matter, referring other writers to the site and even a bonus for writing activity. This is a bonus for simply writing which is paid outside of any earnings that you make with the articles themselves. Now that Factoidz.com is Knoji.com a lot of writers are concerned that major changes have been made to the site’s greatest appeal, income from online writing.

Knoji.com is not necessarily a new site, but an enhancement to   Factoidz and a name change. The majority of the site has not changed. Modifications that were made to Factoidz don’t include changes to what a freelance writer can earn with Knoji.com.

Writers can still find their previously published articles, their articles continue to earn, their contextual links are still available and their writer level of identification/ranking unchanged.  Enhancements or alterations that Knoji.com created from Factoidz.com were all positive changes produced from feedback received to make the site better.

Knoji.com has made some adjustments to the original Factoidz.com. These modifications include changes that effect different aspects of the Factoidz.com original site besides the name. Though, earnings are one area of change that writers who enjoy the spoils of income at Factoidz don’t need to worry about being negatively affected.

Some of the modifications found are with the visual aspect of the site. A new layout to the same information that is much better looking can be seen. The fonts differ along with the color scheme, but are more straight lined and easier to read and find information.

Other enhancements were made to categories. These were only small changes that include drop down categories which make placing your context in the correct place easier and faster. No guessing involved which makes for more accurate placement of articles and reimbursement. Different articles have various earnings. Inaccurate categories can be costly. Improving identification of categories is a welcome change.

Questions and answers for Factoidz have received negative reviews from some writers. The creators of Factoidz have taken this information to format Knoji.com to make Q and A interactive between editors, writers and the community as a whole.

Although you will find a new site under the name Knoji.com instead of Factoidz, it is still for the most part the Factoidz that writers have come to know and recognize. The enhancements made with the name adjustment were done to create a better platform to publish and earn with your great content. 

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  1. I write for Knoji, it is a pretty easy to use site. They not only changed their name but made several other changes, including enhancing their question and answer forum area. This is where people can come to Knoji and get advice on any topic. Most of people on Knoji are knowledgeable on specific topics and helpful in regards to answering people however, of course, it should never replace proper advice from a professional when emergency info (health) is needed.
    None the less I expect the new changes will be an improvement to the site as a whole and look forward to watching it grow.

  2. How much do people earn in their up-front cash bonus on Knoji? Is it more than just a few cents?

  3. the up front cash bonus varies depending on which type of content you write. there is a cash bonus for comparison reports, one for reviews and a bonus for writing. comparison reports and reviews earn the most, some up to $20. the higher your writer status is the more you can earn. the more you write the more you can earn.

  4. I joined factoidz which is now knoji last summer and did 15 articles so far. At first my bonus was small, but some of my articles have started to get real traffic and now my bonus is around $4 to $6 per article (it does move around day to day). The product reviews are good, but sometimes hard to reserve an assignment. Overall its a real site that pays real money, which is why I'm starting to use them again.

  5. I just got my fourth article published on Knoji, so far I think the system is setup pretty well, however there is an issue with some articles being rejected. I think they are strict there, but maybe that's a good thing? In any case, I'm earning about $1.00 per article upon publication, and we'll see how the traffic earnings grows over time. The members are friendly there, and I like the questions and answers, you can find alot of article ideas in there. I found your post in the forums there, this is a good overview for new writers.

  6. You can earn lots of money through writing. Some SEO company is in need of skilled writers to write a review of one specific product for them. This is one of the ways to make passive income through writing an article.


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