The Best Article Queries for Magazines

Definition of a query letter: A brief one page summation of your article content delivered to an editor that appeals to their publication audience and intrigues them enough to want more. In this case the “more” is the entire article which outlines your point of view or slant on a given subject matter. Bear in mind that query letters are generally not verbatim for an article's content, but will emphasize key points of the featured article enough to compel an editor to want more. Specifically to want more of your article and freelance writing for their magazine publication.

Writing to the editor of a magazine or similar publications are more than sending a hello or how are you I have an article to sell letter. Query letters are accepted as the mode of communication between a freelance writer an a magazine editor. In order to get your article published in a magazine you need the tools necessary to produce a terrific query letter.

Find out what skills set will get you there.


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