Applying for a Freelance Writing Job Using Email

Searching for work is a given as a freelance writer. When you work online the majority of work that you apply for will be in an electronic format. There are times when you send an electronic resume. However, a majority of the time you are sending an email to a prospective client. These are tips and techniques that you can use to get the job when applying for a freelancewriting job using email.

Write a catchy subject line in your email
If the client requests a specific subject line for the email, use it. If they don’t having a catchy subject line in your email can make your email stand out.

When clients are sorting through tons of emails for their job posting an innovative and creative subject line is a great way to land the freelance writing gig. Unique subject lines will make a client stop and pay attention. Avoid using “applying for the writing position” in your email subject line. Think outside of the usual box and showcase your talent to get a freelancer writing job using email.

Use safe fonts in your emails
There are some basic rules that should always be followed with email fonts. Type, color and size are three important aspects of sending safe fonts with any email correspondence. Avoid attempting to modify the type, color and size of your email font to stand out. Customizing the type, color and size of your font will make you stand out, but not in a good way.

Using the wrong color, size and type of your email font will hurt your professionalism and credibility with the client. Unreadable fonts are the worst and will definitely put you on the bottom of the list of applicants instead of the top.

This email is a first impression and you want to make it good. Don’t use color and make certain the font size and type is readable. Standard size fonts are the best. Stick with the basics with fonts when it comes to writing a winning email for a freelancer writing job.

Make your email personal
Personalizing your email is a good thing. If you have the name of the contact person for the online writing job, use it. Adding information that referencing the website, blog or company is also important to personalization of the email you will be sending. Don’t use a copy and paste for a basic email you have put together for applying for jobs.

Remember to be professional. You are applying for a freelancewriting job position and not corresponding with a friend.

Make certain the details are right in your email
Lots of freelance writers will miss out on opportunities because of the details. Getting the details right is extremely important. This is especially important if you are personalizing your email. Make certain the name of the person and company or website is correct. Additionally, if the client request a particular format, font size, etc., make certain you are following directions to the letter.

Following direction and getting the details right will show you have attention to detail and are professional. This is your first impression and you want to get it right applying for a freelance writing job using email.

Show your personality in your email
Your personality is important whether you know it or not. What are you personally bringing to the table that compliments that site or blog? For an example, if you are applying for a freelance writing position with a serious blog or site, are you serious? If the blog happens to be full of fun and comedy, bring it to the table via email. If a client has an entertainment site they will take a second look at an entertaining freelance writer. Although you are sending an email, you can still reflect personality.

Get the job description right in your email
If the client is asking for a sample writing content of 300 words in Arial font size on elephant migration in the Sahara-get it right. If they ask for a resume to be attached, attach one. If they would like references, give them. One request that isn’t complied with as part of the job description can cost you plenty.

Missing information in the email based on the job description may make the client turn away from your email and find another freelance writer for the position.

Include the correct writing samples with your email
Freelance writers that are applying for online writing positions may botch the application by not including the appropriate writing samples for the client.

Generally freelance writers have a portfolio of their work. If the client is requesting writing samples with the job description, submit the correct writing samples to assure the job. Connect your writing sample as close as possible to the content site or blog you will be writing for.

Make certain the writing samples you send are relevant and connected to the content you will be writing for the client. For an example, if the job is for an editorial site, don’t send samples of your writing on poetry. It may show great content. However, the client is looking for editorial type writing.

Send your three best samples with links to the URL. Make certain you send you three best. If you send 10 links and only 2 or 3 are great the client may simply randomly select one or two that may not be what you want them to see as your best work.

Highlight your talents in your email
This is typically of importance when freelance writing for a niche site or blog of various niches. If you enjoy writing about a particular topic and are skilled at it, showcase your talent. If you enjoy writing about sports and are talented at it, say so. Include the three URLs to some great articles that you have created. This can make your email stand out among the hundred or so applicants when you apply for a site or blog that does not have a specific niche.

Many writers that are applying for the same position that may highlight the more popular items and your email highlighting some that aren’t may make a difference in where you stand in line.

Edit your email before you send it
Freelance writers are also editors. Before you send your email make certain that you proofread it. All of your I’s should be dotted and your Ts crossed. Is your grammar correct and typos corrected? Before sending this wonderful email that you worked hard at is submitted for your freelance writing job you better make certain you edit and correct any errors.

Skipping the edits and sending an email that has errors will hurt your credibility before you get your foot in the door.

These tips and techniques will keep you ahead of the curve for winning the client and the job when applying for a freelance writing job using email.


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