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Here at The Write Stuff I have reviewed several different authority or content writing sites. Here I go again. Is this writing site worth your time? Finding ways to make money online writing is extremely important to many readers. There are several online writing sites where a freelance writer can earn upfront monies for their content. Constant Content is one of them. This is a brief review of Constant Content.

Earning your income as a freelance writer can be more than a little unconventional. Most of the income that you earn if you write a majority of your material online is passive income. Passive income is wonderful. However, it can be irregular. Some writers find some months are feast while others may be famine. Most newbie writers don’t see enough income from their passive income to earn a reasonable living from freelance writing

The nicest thing about passive income is having a continual earnings from the same material again and again. However, passive income by itself makes it difficult to make a living as a writer. Unless you are seeing an extremely high source of passive income each month you need to supplement your earnings with other proceeds. One resource that is used to combat this situation is to earn from upfront sales of your published work.

You can sell your work upfront with personal clients that pay you to write or from online writing sites like Constant Content that will pay you upfront for your writing efforts instead of earning passive income from the same work.

Constant Content is a consignment shop type of work. There are publishers found at the site that are searching for work as well as writers that are selling their work. Constant Content brings the two sources together and is a source for payment for your work upfront.

Currently there are approximately 20,000 writers that are members of Constant Content. Therefore, be ready for some competition and have your game face on. These writers are here for the same purpose as you, to sell their wares. They are writing and promoting their work to be purchased by the publishers searching for content the same as you.

The site does provide a listing of the work that publishers are searching for. This means a writer can write a specific article on a given subject or subject matter and hope someone will pick it up for pay. You can also produce general articles and post them for sale. Publishers will also pay for these articles. When you sell your article all rights are gone with it. A publisher can even publish the work online elsewhere under your name.

The feedback for the site has been mixed for a number of reasons;

·         There are some writers that enjoy the upfront payment for their articles which will vary. When you sell your work for the upfront payment you won’t receive the residual income received from page views. Therefore, if you have very link worthy material or search engine friendly work you miss out on your passive income. So you are taking a chance that the upfront payment you receive will make up for any income missed on the back end you may have received as a passive income.

·         Constant Content does have an application process. Constant Content will choose whether or not to accept you as a writer. The application process is not complicated and can be submitted and a response received generally in a couple of days.

·         You may not get your articles purchased in a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. Many writers have seen several months pass by before getting an article sold and receiving any type of payment. If changes need to be made to the article, this can also delay your payment.

·         If a publisher or Constant Content is not happy with an article, it can be returned to you. After rejection by the site, an article is purged from the system so make certain you saved the work.

·         The submission process for each article will take you approximately 15 to 20 minutes per article. This is a time consuming process. An article can be rejected a number of times. This means you can resubmit a number of times at 15 to 20 minutes each time. Some articles are denied because you have the wrong font size or type as requested by the client. You want to be certain directions are followed to avoid this hassle.

·         There have also been complaints that some upfront payments for client article requests have had problems with receiving the agreed upon payment amount. Client requests are marketed as a way to make more money online with the site. If you and the client agree upon payment and a lesser payment is received, this is a large issue or complaint with Constant Content.

·         Client requests are requests from publishers for a particular type of subject material. Clients will specify also what they are willing to pay for articles they are requesting. Writers that produce the content find out that client that requested the information are not obligated to pay for it. This means you research and article and write it and in the end the client changed their mind and now you have to attempt to sell the article to another client

One advantage of Constant Content is the pay. The majority of writers do advise that Constant Content is more than competitive with the payment they have received for articles overall when compared with other sites that do the same. There is no specific flat fee or range of payment that you are guaranteed. Therefore, the payment will vary based on the client, the article and other factors.

Most writers advise to write a general article and submit it for sale and wait for the client to buy.

A lot of writers searching for upfront payment to supplement their passive income received from AdSense and similar advertisers are not impressed with Constant Content. The article review process is time consuming, getting your articles sold could take months and writing for a public article or client requests is also a gamble for upfront payment. Of course, there are those writers that have made a pretty payment with their articles and Constant Content.

If you are a writer for Constant Content to make more money online, please share your experience with the site here at The Write Stuff Pen and Paper.

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