Upgrade Checklist for Ezine Articles for Freelance Writers

Ezine has several different levels of authors that they can provide to their readers. Of course, the higher the level the better you will appear as an author. Upgrades that are performed to your EzineArticles membership will boost your credibility as an author/writer. Not only will you boost credibility with Ezines, but also your readers and publishers. Additionally, it will drive more search engine traffic to your site or blog.

EzineArticles will update your membership or author level based on what value you bring to the writing table. Are you articles providing quality and relevance to readers? These are the different author levels for EzineArticles;

·         Basic: Beginner Expert Author
·         Basic Plus: Intermediate Expert Author
·         Platinum: Advanced Expert Author
·         Diamond: MASTER Expert Author

The ultimate goal is the Diamond or Master Expert Author. Each upgrade level can be determined by the people at EzineArticles that are members of the Editorial team. They review your article information or material and decide if you qualify for the next level of author upgrade.
This is the checklist or information the editorial team reviews;

a)    Spelling and grammar-this is a key factor in nearly everything you do as a writer. It’s easy to become distracted when working on your articles and permit this to become problematic for you. This is one of the simplest issues to correct. don’t let this cost you with your Ezines.

b)    Details on location-this one is specifically for authors that are writing on a location article. You want to make certain you mention details of a location. Make a reader feel as if they are actually there with you through sights, sounds, smells and hearing what you do when you are writing about that location
c)    Back links-providing quality links is extremely important. Ensure you have quality links built for relevant information.
d)    Review editorial guidelines-the editorial guidelines for EzineArticles are extremely important to successful authors
e)    Quality information-should be provided at every chance, which is every article created. Content is king time and time again. The more quality articles you produce the better your author rating will become.

The editorial team is always looking for authors/writers that improve their content. The quality of your articles is measured. Quantity doesn’t actually matter as much as quality improvement. You can write 20 articles ranked as okay, but 10 good ones will get you a higher author rating than 20 okay articles.

Use this checklist to improve or upgrade your EzineArticles and get improved search engine rankings and more readers along the way. This will improve any writers blog or website.