recent promotion

Thanks to Wm Rowe
I recently was promoted to vice president of sales for my company. It was a really exciting promotion personally and professionally. It feels good to feel the support of the company and to feel that your employers are pleased with your work. With the promotion comes a fairly sizeable pay increase. One of the first things we are going to do with the extra money is to upgrade our home security system through adt richmond. We are also going to rebuild the fence in our backyard that was damaged last year in a major storm. My wife and I are also discussing a trip with our three children to Disney World. We have never been with our kids, and they are just reaching the age where they can really appreciate the trip. My wife is really supportive, and she was very proud of the promotion. I have to be honest: I was very proud of myself and the work that I did to earn the title of vice president of sales. I know there will be a higher level of responsibility, but I am ready for that challenge.