Inkygirl is a Website for Freelance Writers Interested in Writing for Children’s Fiction

this is an overview of a freelance writing site for childrens books

This is the online home of Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Debbie is a Canadian fiction writer that has a marginally different outlook on fiction than most American writers bring to the table. A large part of the emphasis of Inkygirl is on illustrating. This is certainly out of the ordinary for many fiction sites. Most fiction sites will focus on character interpretation and development or things such as using the correct voice when demonstrating your book. Inkygirl goes one step further with your fiction writing by presenting the illustration for your fiction book and how important it can actually be to you as a writer for children’s books.

Freelance writers can write for any niche and some are fortunate enough to discover that one particular niche fits their writing style. Children’s books are a style of writing for fiction that can be extremely rewarding for a many freelance writers. Not only can writing children’s books be extremely rewarding, but it can also be very lucrative financially. This is a wonderful site for any freelance writer interested in children’s fiction writing or already in the niche and searching for more great material concerning it.

One of the nicer things about Inkygirl that is not found with many similar sites is Debbie offers the use of many of her illustrations, which are terrific by the way, in blog posts and other online content. She only requires that you provide your copyright and URL intact with any of the illustrations you use.

If you are developing freelance writing projects for children, this is a great pit stop to make along your career path. Inkygirl is offering something different and different tends to be good in most cases. Different is what can get you noticed by publishers and literary agents in the biz. 

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